Samsung Galaxy Watch 7: New Leaks Detail Variants and Chipset

Samsung recently launched Galaxy Fit 3 in the wearable market. The next wearable product the company will launch is the Galaxy Watch 7. The recent leaks suggest Samsung possibly will bring another mysterious variant to the next wearable launch. That’s not only the leaks buzzing around; continue till the end!

Tracing back to history, Samsung has brought the Galaxy Watch 6 series with two as-usual versions. One was the base variant, and the other was the classic variant that was out of the box. Similarly, the Watch 5 series launched with the base & Pro variant out of the box. But the leaks have hinted at the “third variant” entering the market. As the tipster tweeted, the three variants were confirmed to be the Pro, Classic, and “Unknown Third Variant.”

The last Galaxy wearable launch, the Watch 6 series, upgraded in terms of fitness features, resolution, RAM, and Battery. Overall, it’s a decent upgrade bump compared to its predecessor, the Watch 5 series. Both the series used Exynos Soc setups with 5nm semiconductor fabricated technology. But there are a lot of new upgrades in the upcoming variants.

three variants

As per the leaks, Samsung might use its foundry chip Exynos W940 again for the Galaxy Watch 7 series. It is much more power efficient and faster than its predecessor, the W930. Moreover, various other leaks suggest Samsung might introduce its 3nm fabrication chip to the wearable product for the first time. The company was confident about presenting it the following year, as the recent outcome was stable enough for mass production.

Therefore, the Galaxy Watch 7 might be the series that gets the 3nm processor. Again, this reduces the area by 30% compared to 5nm, making the Galaxy watch much lighter and thinner. Aligning various other leaks floating around the internet, the third variant could be the recently rumored SQUARE design. Or Samsung might keep the classic, Pro, and Sporty variants in their iteration.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Watch 7 variant has also been rumored recently to have the WEAR OS 5 based on Android 14. Apart from the technical specification, the expected feature the watch might receive is sleep apnea detection. Over the years, Samsung has been shaping sleeping habits through its wearable products. The last Galaxy Watch 6 also has been loaded with sleep tracking features. Therefore, taking this to another level by detecting the sleeping direction which can prevent serious issues like sleep apnea.

Overall, with all the expected features and technical specs, the Watch 7 series is assumed to be released in August 2024. Any latest developments will be notified as soon as possible; meanwhile, stay tuned with Saminsider!

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