Galaxy Tab S10: Latest News, Rumors, and Leaks

The Galaxy Tab S9 series features major upgrades, including AMOLED displays across all models, excellent S Pen features, IP68 rating, and the latest chipsets. The base Tab S9 is an excellent value product. The Tab S9 Ultra achieves remarkable DCIP3 accuracy and has an innovative giant OLED panel.

The upcoming Galaxy Tab S10 is an iterative upgrade that upgrades all key specs. We expect a new chip, brighter screens, possibly faster charging, and, most importantly, new software features. The Tab S9 series is Apple’s main competitor to the iPad Pro lineup.

Galaxy Tab S10: Latest News

News 1: Recent reports suggest the upcoming Tab S10 tablet is inching closer to launch as its battery has been spotted on the SafetyKorea certification website. The Galaxy Tab S10 Plus battery listing confirms its model number (EB-BX828ABE) and reveals it’s a standard Lithium-ion battery. Unfortunately, the battery’s capacity details remain a mystery due to blurry product photos on the certification platform.

News 2: The Exynos 2400 SOC was first used on the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus. Currently, the reception is fairly positive. However, it needs further testing in hotter climates. It’s the best Exynos chip that Samsung made. Samsung might use the Exynos 2400 in some regions on the Tab S10 and Tab S10 Plus. The Ultra will mostly get the 8 Gen 3.

The 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy has faster clock speeds and can theoretically perform better in CPU-intensive tasks. We don’t expect prices to increase since Samsung has to price the product competitively against the iPad Pros.

Expected Price:

Model Storage+RAM Expected Price
Tab S10 128GB+8GB $799
Tab S10 Plus 256GB+12GB $999
Tab S10 Ultra 256GB+12GB $1199

Samsung has not officially announced the pricing of the Galaxy Tab S10 series yet, but based on the pricing of previous models and rumors, here’s what we can expect:

  • Galaxy Tab S10: The base model could start around $799 for the 8GB/128GB variant, which is the same price as the Galaxy Tab S9.
  • Galaxy Tab S10+: The Plus model could start around $999 for the 12GB/256GB variant, which is again the same price as the Galaxy Tab S9+.
  • Galaxy Tab S10 Ultra: The top-of-the-line Ultra model could start around $1199 for the 12GB/512GB variant, which is the same price as the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra.

Expected Features:

We don’t expect any major changes to the storage skews and the product’s overall design. Samsung’s current design is fairly functional and houses a free S Pen in the box. It charges magnetically and sticks to the side. Samsung won’t change the display sizes much either since the current options cover all the important sizes. Samsung still doesn’t have a good 8″ option (the existing enterprise model isn’t great), and they might add it later.

Tab S9 Series

There are rumors that the excellent 14.6″ giant OLED display will have better brightness and color accuracy. Dynamic AMOLED will only get better.

Since there’s a lot of competition from Xiaomi and Huawei in the tablet space, Samsung has to differentiate itself with better software and exclusive apps. We expect better app support for Samsung tablets and One UI-exclusive apps. They might improve the first-party apps and features, too.

We also expect seven years of software support for the Galaxy S10 series. It’ll mostly ship out of the box with features like touching down to slow down any video, summing up, live calls, text translation, and others. The tablets might have some exclusive features for the larger size.

If it comes out in July or August 2024, it’ll miss the Android 15 update and will ship out of the box with One UI 6.1.1 (Android 14). Samsung is already testing One UI 6.1.1 for larger devices. We expect the Z Fold 6 and Tab S9 series to ship with this version.

Expected Release Window:

Model Expected Release Window
Tab S10 Series Late July to Early August 2024

The Galaxy Tab S9 series came out in August 2023 and is still fairly recent. It hasn’t even been a year since the launch. However, Samsung’s tablet schedules are very inconsistent. The Tab S8 series came out in February 2022, and the Tab S7 series came out in August 2020. There were no tablets in 2021. The schedule is also different for the cheaper FE lineup.

If Samsung decides to refresh the tablets again in 2024- which they mostly will, it’ll happen in July or August 2024. Samsung refreshing the lineup is important since Apple is allegedly making major hardware upgrades to the iPad Pros this year, including OLED panels and better chipsets.

The previous cannot possibly compete in hardware, so Samsung has to launch the Tab S10 series in 2024. If they continue to follow the August schedule, we will see it in August 2024.

Should you wait for the Galaxy Tab S10?

Since there’s no confirmed date for the release and the changes are extremely iterative, we recommend getting the Tab S9 series on sale instead. Galaxy AI features will also make it to this series and arrive with the One UI 6.1 or One UI 6.1.1 software update. The only reason to wait for the Galaxy Tab S10 series is to get a better chipset and possibly seven years of software updates.

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  1. I would like to see a new 4:3 aspect ratio on the new Tab s10. I still remember one of the first Tab S models (S2 or S3?) used that format. It is much better to read newspapers, books, or magazines with PDF editions and browse the web, as a tablet is rarely used to watch videos. In my case, at least. The advantages of being wider would largely surpass watching videos with black bars. That’s why I never bought a Samsung Tab again, except for the first S Tab.


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