The Team

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1. Manajit Talukdar, Founder/ Writer


As the founder and lead writer for SamInsider, Manajit brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to his work. He has always been deeply interested in technology, particularly Samsung products, studying their specifications and capabilities in great detail. This allows him to provide insightful analysis and commentary in his articles.

Manajit prides himself on creating thoroughly researched content covering all aspects of a topic. He strives to present the information clearly and concisely so readers can easily understand key points. Manajit enjoys sketching cartoons and caricatures when he’s not writing, allowing his creative side to shine.

2. Ankan Talukdar, Editor-in-Chief/ Writer


As editor-in-chief, Ankan brings objectivity and balance to SamInsider’s technology coverage. He has extensive hands-on experience testing out the latest Samsung smartphones, tablets, wearables, and other devices. He thoroughly reviews articles before publication, ensuring perspectives are unbiased and readers get a complete picture on which to base opinions.

Ankan has a passion for understanding how new advances in tech work and their implications for consumers. He stays on top of Samsung product developments and industry news, allowing him to assign and create content that gives readers a comprehensive look at the topics that matter most.

While some tech sites focus on rumours and speculation, Ankan insists SamInsider stick to facts readers can trust. He keeps quality high by checking sources, confirming details, and rejecting sensationalism. When not editing, Ankan enjoys exploring gadgets firsthand and spending time with his family.