Galaxy Watch 7: Latest News, Rumors, and Leaks

The Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic were received very well and were iterative upgrades from the Watch 5 series. They run One UI Watch 5 (based on Wear OS 4) and have sharp AMOLED screens, multiple fitness and health tracking features, NFC payments, water resistance, and more. Samsung released the Galaxy Fit 3 recently, bringing several tracking features to a much more affordable price point.

The Galaxy Watch 7 series will launch in 2024- the same year Apple is launching its 10th edition of the Apple Watch. Many expect the Series X (10) to feature major changes since Apple makes many hardware changes in the 10th year of the product cycle. A direct comparison between these two products, however, is meaningless. Those in the Apple ecosystem will get an Apple Watch, and those using Android phones will get a Galaxy Watch– there is no way to take advantage of the Apple Watch if you’re on an Android phone.

Since we got a Galaxy Watch Classic 6, we won’t get a Galaxy Watch Classic 7. Instead, we’ll get the Watch 7 Pro. For those who need the rotating bezel design, you can get the Watch 6 Classic right now since you won’t see it on the 7 series.

Galaxy Watch 6
Galaxy Watch 6

Galaxy Watch 7: Latest News

News 1: Leaked information suggests the Galaxy Watch 7 will likely come in three versions: a Classic edition, a Pro model, and a yet-to-be-detailed third variant. This news comes from tipster kro_roe.

News 2: Reports suggest Samsung is considering bringing back square-shaped displays for future Galaxy Watch models. So, the Galaxy Watch 7 could be ditching its familiar circular display for a square design.

News 3: The Galaxy Watch 7 series might come with a 3nm SOC. Reducing the transistor implies you can fit more transistors into the same surface area. This will drastically increase the efficiency, which leads to better battery life. Leaks say that Samsung will name it the Eynos 5535. The Watch 4 and Watch 5 series share the same chipset and have performance issues like lag and stutter. However, the Galaxy Watch 6 series with the W930 chipset (5nm Samsung fabrication) performs fine.

It uses the SF3 fabrication process for much better yield rates. The GAA fabrication enables good efficiency, too. Samsung might call this chip the Exynos W940 in marketing. Samsung might use Snapdragon chips if there are problems.

News 4: There’s also information that Samsung will see noticeable software changes with Wear OS 5 on the Galaxy Watch 7. Wear OS 5, based on Android 14, will launch soon, and the leaks say it’ll have some of the Galaxy AI features. This will make the experience a lot smarter and convenient.

Expected features

During sleep, some people have trouble breathing. This has several health consequences, and it’s better treated if detected early. Many people do not know that they have it until it’s serious. Samsung is taking this very seriously, and they might add sleep apnea detection to the Galaxy Watch 7 series.

They’re waiting for the FDA approval of this feature, which might as well come to the Galaxy Ring. Other expected features include Galaxy AI features- live call and text translation, automated chatbot responses, chat assist, Summarize, and other Galaxy AI features. These could make it to the Galaxy Watch 7 with One UI Watch 6.

Expected release Window and Price

The Galaxy Watch 4 was released in August 2021, and the Watch 5 series followed one year. The Watch 6 series was also released in August 2023. Following the trend, we can expect the Galaxy Watch 7 series in August 2024. We expect the Galaxy Watch 7 to launch for $320 for the 40mm non-LTE version. This is a reasonably similar price to last year’s model.

Should you wait for the Galaxy Watch 7?

The only reason to wait for the Galaxy Watch 7 series is the battery efficiency improvements, thanks to the 3nm SOC and all the new AI features. However, the AI features will mostly make it to the Galaxy Watch 6 series with a software update. If you have a Galaxy Watch 4 and below and need better battery life, the Galaxy Watch 6 offers that. We recommend waiting till August if you have a higher budget since the Galaxy Watch 6 and 5 series constantly go on sale for very low prices.

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