Will Galaxy Fit 3 Launch in the US, Canada, and UK?

Soon after the leaks, Samsung announced the Galaxy Fit 3 through its official channel. The newest fitness tracker is available to various markets starting 23rd February. However, the K giant has no plan to launch the Galaxy Fit 3 in the US or Canadian market, as the report by Android Central suggests. It’s a huge disappointment for the Fit fanbase in the US. Furthermore, the disappointment carries for the UK fan base too. The company has also excluded some of the countries from the list.

Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 will not launch in the US, Canada, or the UK. Samsung has confirmed this information, citing “market trends” and the “needs of each region” as the reason for their decision.

The company limited the fitness band to specific Europe, Asia, and South America regions. Why is the company skipping the huge American Market? Well, let’s understand it with some of the figures!

According to a report from one of the leading technology market analyst firms, Canalys, the recent global wearable market is expected to have a 17% growth in 2024. However, the wearable market has been down since the pandemic. In 2020, the total global sales were about 80 million, which consecutively dropped to 35.8 million in the last year, 2023. Even though the report suggests growth, the expected sales of fitness bands would be around 33 million for the current year.

Galaxy Fit 3

Taking a step ahead, Samsung has the strategy to maintain its reputation in the US market. To compete with its rival, Samsung delivered a premium device in the US market, probably why Samsung did not release Fit 3. With its high-end Galaxy Watch series, Samsung focuses on the smartwatch market, which is much more profitable than Fit band. Undoubtedly, Galaxy Fit 3 being available at an affordable price will gain a huge market, but would it be profitable? There is no option to increase the price, as the fitness band market has competitor companies like Xiaomi.

Moreover, the company is also working on the innovative Galaxy Ring concept. The most beautiful alternative option for a fitness band. Which will probably make an entry along with the 6th-generation foldable devices in 2024. That might be another reason Samsung skipped Fit 3’s entry into the US market.

Galaxy Fit 3 launches with a 45% increase in display compared to Fit 2. Its lightweight aluminum frame with sleek design gives a durable performance. Adding more preloaded watch faces this time; Fit 3 also has the feature to customize photos in the background. Galaxy Fit 3 is also fit for any harsh environment with its 5 ATM and IP68 rating. It’s a budget-friendly fitness band entry to the Samsung wearable ecosystem.

Overall, we could say Samsung strategically chooses the market for more profit. Since the recent report suggests that overall sales drastically declined, it is also questionable if the company would make a decent sale with the Galaxy Fit 3 in the US market.

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