Samsung might bring back the SQUARE dial to Galaxy Watches

The current Galaxy watches are on circular display, but its upcoming launches may receive design changes. Over a decade ago, Samsung used to have the basic rectangular or square dial for its smart Watches. However, the latest Galaxy watches have circular displays and are quite a popular choice for the Smart Watch. The company put all its expertise into seamlessly integrating Software and Hardware for its Watches.

Recently, Galaxy Watches was rumored by Sammobile to have back the SQUARE faces for its Galaxy Watch. However, Sammobile claims the idea has been discussed internally. If the news is true, Samsung might change the design language for its next Galaxy Watch series.

Following the timeline backward, Samsung started its Smartwatch journey from the Galaxy Gear Family in 2013. The Galaxy Gear has a massive 41 mm Square display with loaded features. Apart from the features, Samsung mounted a 1.9 MP camera on its band to capture and Record video (Check out a video of Galaxy Gear). The product is a result of rivalry with APPLE, and back in those days, the basic functions amazed the users with an Android base. However, Samsung has also launched watches on its own Tizen OS platform. Soon, a few new editions of watches were launched back to back, such as Galaxy Gear 2, Galaxy Gear Live, and Galaxy Gear S with curved displays. All of them had a Square-shaped display.

Later, the company’s innovation changed the design language of its Samsung smartwatch. A circular display with the rotating bezel hardware feature was launched for the first time. The first Galaxy smartwatch with a circular display was the Samsung Gear S2, launched in 2016. Since then, the company has launched smartwatches under the GEAR family, with circular displays with more sensors and features.

Galaxy GEAR Square Display Vs Galaxy Watch Round Display
Credit: Samsung

As for now, the Gear family has been replaced by the Galaxy Watch series since 2018. In 2021, the adoption of Wear OS into Galaxy watches make it more seamless to connect with Android devices. Currently, we have the Galaxy Watch 6 series with a circular display.

Overall, it’s an incredible journey, and if the rumors are true, then Samsung will regain its legacy of the GEAR series for its users with Square Dial, or it could be the next Watch 7 with Square Display. Officially, it is unconfirmed! What is your view on the latest idea in the comment section below? Any new development on this will be shared in Saminsider. Till then, stay tuned.

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