Leaked info hints at development of Galaxy S24 FE

Samsung’s FE lineup aims to make the core flagship features even more affordable.

Last year, the company released the Galaxy S23 FE, a well-rounded, affordable flagship, which shipped with the Exynos 2200 and Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chipsets (region-dependent chipset variations existed).

Now, it seems that the company has started active development on its successor, its Galaxy S23 FE, as hinted by a new leak directly dug up from Samsung’s servers used for software development.

According to the reliable Samsung leaker Tarun Vats (via @tarunvats33 on X/Twitter), it seems that the brand has started active development on the upcoming Galaxy S24 FE, as the software testing builds have been spotted on the company’s internal servers.

development of Galaxy S24 FE

The build versions of the test software build are as follows: S721BXXU0AXE3/ S721BOXM0AXE3/ S721BXXU0AXE3. This confirms a few details about the S24 FE, including one of the model numbers for the phone, SM-721B.

Here, the last letter “B” is used by Samsung to denote devices sold in Europe, so the leaked SM-721B model number likely corresponds to the European variant of the Galaxy S24 FE meant for eventual sale in the EEA countries.

This is the first-ever One UI test build generated for the Galaxy S24 FE, and we can expect the development for variants meant to be sold in other regions to commence soon.

As for the Galaxy S24 FE itself, we do not know much about the phone yet. However, we can speculate on a few aspects. For instance, the camera setup is largely expected to remain the same as the Galaxy S23 FE, and it might get a better display with thinner bezels.

Most importantly, Samsung uses a year-old Exynos/Snapdragon chipset combination for the FE series phones. By this logic, the S24 FE would’ve normally been powered by the Exynos 2300, but that chipset was never released publicly. Whether Samsung will return to the Exynos 2200 again or the rumored Exynos 2400+ or ultimately ship the phone with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 worldwide remains to be seen.

We can expect the Galaxy S24 FE to be announced sometime around October 2024, keeping an annual release cycle with the S23 FE.

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