Galaxy users will be able to use Circle to Search for scanning barcodes

Google is extensively exploring the different possibilities of Circle to Search. Galaxy S24, under the skin of the One UI 6.1, adopts the unique idea of the circle to search on the Internet for the first time. Soon, the idea insanely became popular, and many pixel devices and Galaxy devices have it.

Without typing a thing to search or swapping apps, you can find an object or items or text just by circling it. You can not only search the circle items from the image but also from videos. Just Tap the Home Button and circle it!

Now, Google will enhance this feature further. A few months back, Google showed the various other ways to surf anything from anywhere. Using generative AI, you can squiggle any object to find it on the internet just by swiping a line on any text you can highlight, and automatically, it will present with data.

However, you cannot scan any barcodes using the circle-to-search feature. Whenever you try to do so, rather than scanning the barcodes, it shows multiple search results. Recently, a reliable source, AndroidAuthority, has discovered the possibility of using the circle-to-search feature for scanning barcodes in the near future.

As per the tipster, while breaking down the progress code of the recent beta version ( of the Google app, found a piece of string that hints at the scanning features. Below is the piece of string-

“<string name=”omnient_1d_barcode_action”>Search this barcode</string>”

What does the above piece of string mean? In short, it looks like the circle to search feature will have the option to “Search this Barcode” if anyone is interested in scanning the code. However, it is worth mentioning that the current version is incapable of such scanning features.

Overall, the presence of the code hinting the features might imposed in later launches. Hopefully, Google include it in the next launch in public, but for now, it’s uncertain. Any latest developments in this regard will be covered in Saminsider. Stay tuned!

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