One UI 7 Beta Program: When can we expect it?

Samsung’s One UI is arguably one of the best ways to experience Android. With a good blend of features and customizations and fast and timely updates, even for budget devices, One UI has solidified its excellent software reputation in the past few years.

It will get even better from here since the next major iteration, the One UI 7 update, is not that far off anymore.

As we know, One UI 7 will likely be based on Android 15, which entered the first public beta for Google’s Pixel devices last week, previewing what the new Android version will offer.

Android 15

We can get a fair idea of when Samsung will roll out the One UI 7 beta from the past releases, where Samsung has always followed the tradition of rolling them out in August every year.

When can we expect the One UI 7 Beta Program?

One UI Version Galaxy Series Beta Release Date/ Window
One UI 5 Galaxy S22 August 7, 2022
One UI 6 Galaxy S23 August 11, 2023
One UI 7 Galaxy S24 Early-to-Mid August 2024 (Expected)

For instance, the One UI 5 beta for the Galaxy S22 series was rolled out on 7th August 2022, and the One UI 6 beta for the Galaxy S23 series followed suit on 11th August 2023.

Given this past track record, we can expect the first public beta of One UI 7 to roll out to the Galaxy S24 series sometime around early-to-mid August 2024. Most budget and midrange devices are expected to get the update soon after Samsung’s Developer Conference, which happens annually in October.

As with past Samsung beta releases, the One UI 7 beta testing will likely be restricted to seven countries, including the United States, South Korea (obviously!), Germany, India, Poland, China, and the United Kingdom.

We do not know much about the new features that are upcoming in One UI 7, but one of them will be the ability to have a vertical app tray in Samsung’s software, which has been taken directly from the Home Up Good Lock module.

It is also possible that Samsung could take up the new NFC charging feature presumably debuting with Android 15, integrate it into One UI 7, and then turn it into a new way for people to charge their phones, but this is purely just speculation on my end.

Samsung has officially not confirmed what other new changes and features are coming to One UI 7 as of the time of writing.

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