One UI 7 will bring the vertical app drawer to your Galaxy phone

The Galaxy Home Up Good Lock module is known for providing Samsung phones with various home screen customizations.

One feature it used to offer in the past was an option to switch to a vertical app drawer, which was a good addition to Samsung users (and people like myself) who hate the horizontal app drawer, the only default option on One UI.

However, the One UI 6.0 update broke the Home Up module and removed the vertical app tray option. Many users were disappointed by this change and asked Samsung to return it.

Neither a recent major update to the Home Up module nor the One UI 6.1 update patched this issue, so users are still awaiting its return.

Earlier, it was reported (via @theonecid on X/Twitter) that the vertical app tray option would make a comeback via the One UI 6.1.1 rollout, but that is apparently not materializing anymore.

As per a newly revised update on this issue by a Good Lock team member (via Samsung Community), Samsung is instead planning to add support for the vertical app drawer natively into the next major release of One UI, One UI 7.

vertical app drawer

Hence, the Galaxy Home Up module’s vertical app tray is permanently removed from devices running One UI 6 and later since it is no longer needed. After that, One UI 7 will natively add this feature to the software.

However, this way of re-addition of this feature brings us to two major problems:

  • There is still a while before One UI 7 betas start rolling out, so Samsung users will not be able to use a vertical app drawer in the UI till then unless they use a third-party launcher.
  • The bigger question is about the devices that are not actually eligible to receive One UI 7. Will they return the vertical app tray using some method later, or will they have to use their phones without it? Unfortunately, we do not know.

I feel Samsung should bring the vertical app tray option back to the Home Up module and remove it when One UI 7 finally brings the native option into the software. This way, both the issues mentioned above can be addressed.

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