Home Up update v15.0.01.19 brings app icon size adjustment slider

Samsung Home Up is an amazing Good Lock module that changes the game with home screen customization on Samsung phones. It acts as an extension module of One UI Home, allowing users to customize their home screens in various ways.

Earlier, we reported that the Home Up module was receiving future updates for improved app icon size adjustments, and now that much-awaited update has finally rolled out worldwide.

Users can now check the Galaxy Store for the new Home Up v15.0.01.19 update, which brings a ton of new customizations and features.

The official changelog is listed as follows, which is primarily for devices running One UI 6.1:

  • The Finder Access feature is back after being removed earlier in One UI 6.0.
  • New App Icon Settings are available for better icon customizations.
  • New Folder customizations: applying background colors, background blur adjustments, and icon arrangements.

The changelog notes that the Galaxy S24 series receives the Finder Access feature and App icon size adjustments via this update. Still, the folder customizations will actually be enabled after an upcoming update to One UI Home.

The biggest new feature addition with this update is the ability to adjust app icon sizes on Samsung phones with the help of a slider. This is available in the Home Screen section’s new “App Icon Setting” section.

app icon size adjustment

It now has a new slider that can adjust the app icon sizes on the home screen from any value between 80% and 120%, with 100% being the default app icon size.

Therefore, we can increase the size of the app icons as per our liking to make them smaller or larger to match them aesthetically with the home screen setups. Furthermore, this setting also affects the app icon sizes in the app drawer.

Furthermore, some settings have been rearranged, with the one for displaying the app icon labels on the home screen & app tray being moved to the aforementioned “App Icon Setting” menu within the Home Screen section of the Home Up App.

You can now download the new update for Galaxy Home Up (v15.0.01.19) from the Galaxy Store here.

However, if the update has not yet rolled out to your region, you can use the Google Drive link in this post (via @tarunvats33 on X/Twitter) to get the update file quicker. Alternatively, you can wait for the update to arrive in your region.

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