Samsung Home Up to get App Icon Adjustments and Finder Access feature

Samsung Home Up is a fantastic Good Lock module that can change how you customize your Samsung phone’s home screen.

It basically acts as an extension module of One UI Home, allowing users to customize their home screens in various unexpected ways as follows:

  • Using unique layouts and grid styles for apps
  • Changes to the type of popup folders
  • A vertical app drawer is supported, unlike the default One UI, which only has a horizontal app drawer.
  • Changes to the recent app tray, which can be either a stack or a grid form

It is one of the most popular Good Lock modules for Samsung phones and many users like it.

Now, Samsung seems to have a surprise in store for its users since it has been reported that the company plans to add certain improvements to the Home Up module, focusing on user customizations and easier accessibility.

The two new improvements will allow users to:

  1. Enhance the functionality of Finder access
  2. Have greater flexibility in app icon size adjustments

These features have been confirmed to be added by the Good Lock support team, and it adds that the update will arrive soon.

App Icon Adjustments

However, it has been said that the update could be delayed to a later date under unavoidable circumstances.

In related developments, Samsung has given in to popular demand and promised to return the popular Finder Swipe feature to the Home Up module, which was removed in the One UI 6.0 update.

Finder Swipe is a Home Up Good Lock module feature for the uninitiated, allowing users to swipe down on the home screen to access the Finder more conveniently.

Seeing the company taking user feedback seriously and improving upon it is excellent.

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