Will the Galaxy S25 Ultra get a quad camera setup?

Samsung is always known for covering all the focal lengths with its consistent camera system. Since the S21 Ultra, they’ve had four dedicated lenses for each focal length.

For scooping landscapes or large group photos, there’s the ultra-wide. There’s the primary lens for most other photos, a 3X zoom lens for portraits and product shots, a 10X lens for long-range zoom till the S23 Ultra, and a 5X periscope (with support for 5X portraits) on the S24 Ultra.

However, there is some confusion among leakers with the S25 Ultra. Some early leaks say they’ll remove the 3X camera entirely to favor 4X to 5X continuous zoom or 6X to 7X continuous zoom.

Based on the latest report, it appears the Galaxy S25 Ultra will likely get a quad-camera setup.

Per the latest report from Ice Universe on X, the S25 Ultra will still feature four cameras at four different focal lengths. This means the earlier leaks of Samsung moving to a triple-camera setup are false.

Samsung will apparently not entirely remove the 3X lens. Instead, we’ll see an upgrade to it. This will make it an excellent camera option, as usual, once again, since many people love the 3X range.

Galaxy S24 Ultra Camera

The major problem with the Pixel 8 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max is the lack of intermediate zoom. This makes them incomplete camera setups. They’re missing an entire focal length for intermediate zoom. It’s especially important for product or object shots and portraits of people.

They capture the right face size and have the proper bokeh amounts. Cropping in with digital zoom or sensor crop doesn’t offer the same lens compression or details. This is why the Pixel 8 Pro struggles with zoom between 1X and 5X, and it’s the same for the iPhone.

Sensor size is a significant problem for Samsung’s current 3X telephoto. They might give it an upgrade in the next generation. It’s even better if they make it continuous zoom from 3X to 4X. However, we do not know if they’re changing the 5X periscope camera.

The leaker also cited that he’ll come out with all the information soon. The reliability is mixed, but hopefully, Samsung will maintain the quad-camera setup, catering to all focal lengths.

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