Good Lock can now be installed from the Play Store

Samsung’s Good Lock is one of the biggest reasons to buy a Samsung phone, and One UI has gained a loyal fanbase partially because of the customization flexibility that Good Lock brings.

However, you can only access Good Lock via the Galaxy Store on Samsung phones, and all the modules are also found there.

Fortunately, things have changed today, as Good Lock has finally debuted on the Google Play Store. This was first spotted by @Litto31102469 on X/Twitter (taken via @tarunvats33) earlier today.

Early Access version

While this is a positive development for Samsung fans, there are a few things to note:

  • The Play Store listing of Good Lock mentions it as an Early Access version, which means Samsung is possibly testing it. Therefore, it is possible that the label could be removed later when the testing is complete.
  • Except for the One Hand Operation+ module, none of the other Good Lock modules are available on the Play Store as of the time of writing. The other modules will be added gradually in the near future.

Furthermore, it is to be noted that the app can only be found and installed on Samsung devices that support Good Lock functionality. I tried finding it for some of my non-Samsung devices on the Play Store, only to end up with the “Your device is not supported” warning.

If you are a Samsung user wishing to install Good Lock from the Play Store, you can search for it and download it directly. If it isn’t available yet, wait patiently for it to go live for your region.

For the uninitiated, Samsung’s Good Lock is among the best customization suites for Android skin. Using it, users can download various modules to customize their lockscreen and home screen, modify their navigation bar, change icon styles, and even create custom themes.

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