Galaxy S24 Users Report Bluetooth Disconnection Issues

Since its launch in January, the S24 series has turned out to be one of Samsung’s most problematic launches in terms of overall stability and consistency. There are a slew of annoying issues with the S24 series. The first-party FPS meter is broken, the cameras are very inconsistent, the color reproduction is problematic with the screens thanks to a bug that doesn’t let you switch to Vibrant mode, signal reception trouble, Wi-Fi Connection issues, and more.

According to a thread on the Samsung Forums, Bluetooth issues exist on the S24 series. Someone tried connecting their phone to their car. It connects at first but then disconnects immediately. That’s rather annoying, and it’s a software issue. It shows an error message that says it couldn’t connect.

The person in question switched from an iPhone to the S24 Ultra, and such problems are frustrating. People are wondering whether switching was a mistake because of these issues.

Many people are of the opinion that Samsung rushed the launch of the S24 series. Instead of launching it in the usual February month, the S24 came out early in January, about a month early. Since it was launched, it looked like Samsung didn’t have enough time to tune the overall software experience well enough.

Bluetooth Disconnection

There are many people reporting issues with Android Auto connection, too. These Bluetooth bugs were apparently also on past Samsung phones. Bluetooth audio randomly disconnects on the Galaxy Buds Pro and Buds Live. It constantly disconnects from the Galaxy Watch and takes over 10 minutes to reconnect.

There’s also a bug where the sound overall is not as loud as the older Galaxy S23. The equalizer is also inconsistent.

Samsung is apparently deleting some comments on the forum about these issues. We hope they acknowledge these problems soon or roll out a fix to these problems as soon as possible.

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