Galaxy S24 Speakers Disappoint Users with Low Sound and Lack of Bass

The S24 series has a lot of audio problems, and not all of them are Bluetooth issues. The built-in speakers have some problems, too. Samsung is also known for a very immersive speaker experience with their phones. They usually have crisp, sharp vocals and decent bass to produce a balanced output.

Unfortunately, many reports on the Samsung community and Reddit show that the S24 speakers are not good enough. The speakers sound very tinny, and the overall volume of the output is meager. The bass is also non-existent, so the audio lacks any excitement whatsoever.

The speakers on the older S23 Ultra sound fuller and have richer bass. They also get louder, and there is mostly a calibration issue here. Using different Equalizer settings will help, but that still doesn’t solve the problem with the default settings. Turning on Dolby Atmos doesn’t do anything for those affected.

This is not a problem in all units. Most of them have major speaker improvements. This is probably a software inconsistency, and the calibration can get better with future updates. It’s apparently louder, has more details, and it’s more lively with a treble boost. If you boost the treble and higher frequencies, it increases the energy and excitement in the song. That makes female vocals pop, too. Such tuning is more exciting and lively but can sound unnatural at times.

For those affected, the speakers sound incredibly muffled. It’s a problem for audio output, even with YouTube. Someone in the forums claims that Samsung is aware of and working on the issue. However, they didn’t provide an ETA for the fix. While some claim it’s a hardware issue, others speculate that there’s something wrong with the software optimization.

low sound s24

One potential suggestion to solve this is to clear the cache partition. We’re unsure whether this helps, but you can try it. Another possible solution is to set the Equalizer setting to Normal instead of Rock. Downloading Sound Assistant from the Galaxy Store will help you customize your audio further. There are, however, very conflicting reports about this topic. Some claim that the speakers are a major upgrade.

The speaker problem is, unfortunately, not the only issue with the S24 lineup. There are cameras, FPS, display calibration issues, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi disconnection, cellular reception issues, and more. We hope Samsung fixes these soon with a software update.

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