Is Samsung going to change the display colors on the S24 Ultra?

There’s a major display calibration bug with the S24 series right now. For those who use the Natural display mode, this bug will not affect you. However, for those who use Vivid, the Vivid mode is not vivid enough, and it’s very faded. The colors are very close to accurate, and it sometimes takes away the immersive experience you get from vibrant colors.

The toggle changes the tuning of colors. However, the S24 Ulta refuses to go as vibrant as its predecessors, like the S23 series. Many people are very unhappy about this and claim it looks like an age-old LCD panel. The S24 also has a problem where the colors don’t have the right contrast. For content consumption, this new tuning is arguably worse.

Some people claim it’s a hardware issue, but it’s mostly something to do with color calibration. People are expectantly waiting for Samsung to fix this and make the display vibrant again. Some people who were always on vibrant mode considered switching back to their older devices since the new tuning didn’t look good to them.

The only evidence pointing to this being hardware is the fact that the DCI-P3 % of the S24 Ultra’s screen is only about 85%. This means that colors aren’t vibrant at all, and HDR content will suffer.

Finally, we have some updates about this issue. Samsung confirms on Samsung Spain’s Forum that this change to the color calibration is actually intentional. They claim that the color adjustments provide an accurate representation of colors. It’s more natural, and while it lacks the color depth and vibrant colors, it’s apparently better in terms of accuracy and technicality. However, Samsung also claimed to take feedback seriously, and they might change it again if enough people complain about it.

Samsung Spain has sent

The screen having natural colors doesn’t take away all the merits of it. It still has a great anti-reflective coating and excellent brightness sustainability, viewing angles, contrast, and more.

The confusion starts when a post from the Samsung Community claims that Samsung is working to fix this and that the next update will solve the problem. While we wouldn’t hold our breath, we don’t know which info is more accurate. We’re not sure whether Samsung will address it with an update.

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