Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Pro to Feature 578mAh Battery: Report

Samsung is not just about the smartphones. It is also the biggest partner behind Google’s renewed WearOS push.

Year after year, they release solid WearOS smartwatches, which are very popular among Samsung users and the general public. We saw this with the Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic last year, and now it is time for the Watch 7 series to take the stage.

According to earlier leaks, the Galaxy Watch 7 series will have three models with the following model numbers: SM-L30x, SM-L31x, and SM-L70x.

Here, the SM-L70x model number apparently belongs to the Watch 7 Pro. Now, a new report reveals the battery capacity of this model.

It has been said that the Watch 7 Pro, with the model number SM-L70x, will have a rated battery capacity of 578mAh, which translates to an advertised typical capacity of 590mAh. This has been confirmed further by the recent SafetyKorea certification.

This is notably the same battery capacity as the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro from 2022, potentially indicating that the chassis could be shared between the two smartwatches. Hence, the Watch 7 series will likely be a refresh of the Watch 5 series, not the Watch 6 series. Hence, there may not be a Watch 7 Classic this year.

As of the time of writing, we do not know anything about the battery sizes of the other two models of the Watch 7 series, which are widely speculated to be the 40 mm and 44 mm variants of the non-Pro Galaxy Watch 7.

The new Galaxy Watch 7 series could be the first Samsung device to be powered by a 3 nm chipset, and it is expected to fix the storage problems by offering 32 GB internal storage.

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