Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra Probably Skip Stacked Cell Technology Again

The upcoming Galaxy S25 lineup will be in the news, full of rumors and leaks, until the unpacked event in 2025. So far, the device has been in trend for various leaks surfaced online. Yet, other rumors claim that the company will stick to the old battery specifications for the flagship S25 Ultra.

As per the recent tweet by X user Sawyer Galox, the S25 Ultra variant will follow in the footsteps of regular battery technology. The tweet indicates the company will stick to the old 5000mAh powered 45W battery unit mounted to S25U. Samsung has always been criticized for following old custom.

Skip Stacked Cell Technology

Unfortunately, this implies that the company is not interested in developing Stacked Cell Technology. With each increase in new tech, simultaneous power upbringing must addon.

Stacked Cell Technology is advanced and space-savvy. Sheet layering technology can indeed store more energy density in small areas. Compared to regular ones, its lifespan is also longer. Moreover, the stacked idea could resolve the most needed quick charging issue.

Earlier, the inclusion of a Stacked Battery unit was rumored in the case of Galaxy S24 Ultra. However, it seems the company skipped the idea, and the S24 Ultra runs on the same power technology. Although, the company has been able to optimize the series to give a longer battery experience. Moreover, AI adaptive features could only optimize the battery, but its hardware cannot be changed.

Compared to its other rivals in the market, the K giant is not giving importance to the new stacked technology. With this serious continuation of technology, why the company is skipping the new tech altogether is unclear.

The upcoming Galaxy S25 series is expected to have many upgrades but seems to stick to the same battery specifications. Any recent news surfaced online regarding Galaxy S25 will be covered soon in Saminisder; stay Tuned!

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