Samsung Galaxy S25 Rumored to Have Larger Display than Galaxy S24

The South Korean Giant is countering every move made by its rivals in the market. Recently, the upcoming Galaxy S25 variant has been rumored to have a larger display than the current Galaxy S24 variant. According to Naver’s Korean blog post, Samsung is increasing its upcoming Galaxy S25 screen size to 6.36 inches.

Again, there is no major change in the design language for the S25 lineup base variant. The company brings back the larger screen of 6.2 inches in the current flagship device, the Galaxy S24 base variant. The last two previous launches of Samsung, the Galaxy S23 & S22, received a 6.1-inch screen.

The latest jump to a 6.36-inch display is not out of the blue. Samsung closely follows its rivals, such as Apple and Xiaomi. The Xiaomi 14 is a close competitor of Galaxy S24, and last year, it was released with a massive 6.36-inch display out of the box. According to various rumors, Apple might also enter the same race with a 6.3-inch display for its upcoming iPhone 16 Pro base model.

Larger Display
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The company is rumored to bring many new changes to the next Galaxy flagship launch S25 lineup. Among the few rumors, the most notable was adopting the LPDDR6 RAM standard in the next S series launch. Looking at the current AI hype, this standard will make Galaxy AI on the device feature much smoother and seamless. Another rumor suggests that Samsung will skip the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 altogether over Exynos 2500.

But could this change will eventually increase the overall weight of the phone? Well, it depends on the other hardware used to assemble in S25. Closely comparing the S series launch like the Galaxy S21 5G variant with a 6.2-inch display weighing 171g. At the same time, the Galaxy S24 base variant with the same display weighs around 167 to 168g. This all depends on the overall sensor and chipset technology Samsung will use.

Overall, the rivalry benefits Samsung users, as we are getting an increase in display size. The outcome of every rumor will end on the January 2025 unpack event. Any latest developments on Galaxy S25 and rumors or leaks will be covered here. Till then, stay tuned, will Saminsider!

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