Galaxy S25 series to get second-gen Gemini Nano

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S24 series debuted with a strong focus on the company’s new Galaxy AI.

All of the Galaxy AI features are powered by Google’s Large Language models (LLMs), encompassing the server-based Gemini Pro for the AI features run via servers and Gemini Nano for the on-device AI features of the S24 series.

Given the massive success of the Galaxy AI features on the S24 series, Samsung is apparently planning to take them to the next level.

According to a reliable source (via @negativeonehero on X/Twitter), it has been said that the Galaxy S25 series next year will get support for the second-generation Gemini Nano for faster and better on-device AI computing.

second-gen Gemini Nano

Furthermore, it is being said that the company has started working with Google directly to evolve Galaxy AI further and is also planning to double the number of people on its AI software development team soon.

This is expected to get even better, with 2025 flagship chips like the Exynos 2500, Snapdragon 8 Gen 4, and Dimensity 9400 rumored to focus more on on-device AI capabilities.

Now, we do not know any more specifics about the improvements that the second-generation Gemini Nano will bring, but it can be theorized that Samsung could do two things with it:

  • Thanks to the on-device AI advancements, the company could add new features to its existing Galaxy AI suite for the Galaxy S25 series.
  • Moving some of the current server-based AI features to on-device processing could be possible, allowing more Galaxy AI features to run without an internet connection.

However, as of yet, there is no concrete official information on how the company will plan to bring the AI improvements via the second-gen Gemini Nano, and the pointers mentioned above are purely speculative on my end.

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