Samsung to add more Battery Protection features in One UI 6.1

Samsung has been consistent in launching its software update on time. In October, the company rolled out its One UI 6 stable version, and the Galaxy S23 series was the first to have the taste. The company follows a similar timeframe and occasional launch from time to time. For instance, while launching the S23 Lineup in the market, it was launched with One UI 5.1, a new update. In 2024, Samsung could release the refined UI version One UI 6.1 in synch with the upcoming Galaxy S24.

As the company is close enough to its next launch, rumors and leaks are buzzing around. One of the active Samsung information leakers, Tarun Vats, revealed the maximum battery protection features to include in the upcoming One UI 6.1. In his tweet, he mentioned the earlier Protect battery option would be renamed “Battery Protection.”

The latest battery protection feature will be included in the One UI 6.1 update. It will have more customization areas for extending the battery’s life span even more. Currently, there are only a few options for the welfare of the battery life. One of them is the Protect battery feature, which limits the battery charging up to 85% to enhance the battery life. Another one is an Adaptive battery, which extends the battery per usage.

According to the tipster, the latest feature will have more flexible options for maximum protection of the device’s battery. As per the tweet, there will be three customizable options, as follows-

  • Basic: It will stop charging the phone beyond 100%. However, once the phone has depleted the charge and comes down to 95%, it will resume charging again. This is a great option to get rid of overcharging problems.
  • Adapt: This feature will probably use the most rumored on-device AI feature of Galaxy S24 to track your sleeping activity and control the charging option. While sleeping, the phone charges a maximum of 80 % and finishes charging fully before you wake up using its fast charging capability.
  • Max: This is similar to the “Protect Battery” feature, but the limit is up to 80%.

Depending on the user’s need, they can set which one suits them. But note that these options are not new in the market. Samsung’s competitors already use it, but the company is including this change aggressively in its premium devices.

As per the recent leaks, the company is aggressively developing on-device AI for its next flagship device, Galaxy S24. Moreover, it was speculated recently that One UI 6.1 will be an AI-focused update. Therefore, it is no surprise that One UI 6.1 is considering AI to increase its battery longevity. With AI-based features, a powerful processor setup, good storage capacity, and a good battery backup will be needed. Therefore, it is necessary to have more battery optimization options.

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