Galaxy S24 Series: Everything We Know So Far

Samsung launched its most premium Galaxy S23 series on February 1 at the Galaxy Unpacked event 2023. The series comprises the regular Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and the top-of-the-line flagship Galaxy S23 Ultra. The new series of devices comes with several new features compared to the predecessor series, like a slightly changed and impressive design and some embedded new features.

The premium Galaxy S23 Ultra is the device that will be the company’s flagship smartphone for the year. The specially designed ‘Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy’ has served solidly well in making the best out of the smartphone and with much more internal rectification. The 4 nm-based architecture also improved the battery life of the device.

However, if you think there is sufficient time for the rumors or leaks for the next-generation S series of smartphones, then you are wrong! The tittle-tattle for next year’s Galaxy S24 series has already started surfacing around the web. In a couple of months, we will witness more information revealing the design, specifications, and expected features of the forthcoming series of devices.

We will now discuss the information on the upcoming Galaxy S24 series. If you are interested to know about it, make sure to read the article thoroughly.

Galaxy S23 Series
Galaxy S23 Series

Galaxy S24 Series Expected Release Window:

  • The Galaxy S24 Series, which probably includes Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra, is expected to fall in the first week of February 2024 during the Galaxy Unpacked Event.

Considering the past launches, the current Galaxy S23 series launched on February 1, 2023. The Galaxy S22 Ultra was launched in February 2022. So, we can interpret the expected launch date for the next-generation smartphone series, i.e., in February 2024.

The launch may happen early in January, as Qualcomm will announce the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset soon. So, we can conclude the launch in January or February next year.

Galaxy S24 Series Leaked Specifications:

The Galaxy S24 series is expected to be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, which Samsung will exclusively customize. According to the reports, the company will continue designing such collaborative chipsets until they produce their powerful Exynos chipset.

The reason behind the pause for using the Exynos SoC in their premium devices can be the result of the problems faced by the consumers, like excessive battery drain, poor performance, heating issues, etc.


Regarding the design department changes, a YouTube channel named Technizo Concept shared the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra device concept. The idea looks inspired by the current Galaxy S23 Ultra design but seems slightly different!

The Galaxy S23 Ultra was not much revamped regarding design and looks. So, we could expect the next generation Ultra to have an overhauled design: a completely changed camera module, design from back, and shape.

The respective videos concerning the device’s looks are already surfacing around the web. As mentioned, you can watch the concept video shared by Technizo Concept.

Samsung hired ex-Mercedez Benz designer Hubert H. Lee to work on the design of future Samsung phones. There’s a chance that his first products are the S24 lineup.


Regarding the optics, Samsung fundamentally focused on improving its primary camera on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The main camera now has a 200MP resolution, capturing the utmost details when zoomed in. The video department has also made significant improvements like better stabilization and significantly improved 8K videos.

While the primary focus this time was the main camera, we can expect some secondary changes in the optics department. A tipster, Ice Universe, on Twitter talks about the telephoto improvement by the company. And by his strong words, Samsung will likely work hard to improve its telephoto sensor in their upcoming flagship.

The company’s Blog post states they plan to improve video quality to compete with the challenging market. They are planning to make a lot of optimizations without changing the specifications of the current camera of the S23 Ultra. The videos are already better on the device; however, it seems Samsung plans to take it further with the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Also, the company plans to bring nano-photonics color routing technology to improve the sensors’ ability, ultimately enhancing the dynamic range performance. This technology will also help capture videos at a 16-bit HDR rather than a 12-bit HDR.

If we talk about the zoom capabilities, the S20 Ultra was the first Galaxy smartphone to come with 100X zoom, and it continues with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, also able to take 100X zoom shots, but they turned out to be as good as they should be.

The latest leaks specify a new 1/2.52″ 50MP 3X telephoto sensor. This is much larger than the current tiny 10MP sensor and will produce better outputs between the 3X and 10X range.


The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy is the beneficial result of increasing the battery life on their Galaxy S23 series. The overclocked CPU and GPU served peak performance as on paper, which wasn’t there much in practical cases compared to the typical 8 Gen 2 SoC.

Samsung’s Exynos chipsets haven’t worked for the company well. The regular complaints like excessive battery drain, performance issues, lags, and stutters make the company switch over to the Snapdragon chips by overpowering them a bit. They will continue to use the chipsets made in partnership with Qualcomm until they can make efficient processors.

The upcoming SoC will likely include one primary core, five performance cores instead of four, and two efficiency cores instead of three. Removing one efficiency core will not impact much as the fabrication process is good from TSMC.

Hence, we can anticipate better battery backup from the upcoming Galaxy S24 series. Qualcomm is probably sticking to the 4nm TSMC node for the 8 Gen 3, so any battery improvements will come from the software.


The Galaxy S21 and the latest S23 Ultra have used nearly flat screens. But the latest leaks state that the S24 Ultra will ship with a completely flat screen, and they’re phasing out even the subtle curves. This improves the phone’s durability, and many people prefer flat screens.

The new M13 display material could have 2500 Nits of brightness, which matches Oppo’s Find X6 Pro and beats Apple’s current 2000 Nits of brightness. 

We expect a 1440P resolution, HDR10+ certification, better DCI-P3 color gamut, and a variable LTPO 120Hz refresh rate.


The recent stable One UI 5.1 is the best next update to the original One UI 5 with many features and customizations implanted. The respective version-based phone works very well, with better animations and smoothing.

The upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra should come with Android 14 based-One UI 6.1 out-of-the-box. The very first Developer Preview for the basic Android 14 is already out, which includes some of the following features:

  • You can easily uninstall the already-installed applications from the device.
  • Similar to iPhones, there is an option to limit the number of photos an application can access.
  • A new indication is available whenever you return to a page or an application.
  • Clone applications have more advanced features to increase their functionality of the same.
  • More customization options compared to the One UI 5.0.
  • Background application sustainability is increased with the upgraded RAM management.
  • The user interface looks more refined and less litter.

Apart from the above features, some other features are expected to come with Android 14-based One UI 6. The Android 14 features mentioned above are most likely to be included in the list of One UI 6 and the succeeding One UI 6.1. As discussed, the S24 series will come with One UI 6.1 out of the box.

The first Beta of One UI 6 changes the Quick Settings page. There’s a new design for the toggles, and you can also assign a particular focus mode for wallpaper combinations. It’s more friendly and follows a consistent design language. There’s also a better application of blur.

Is the Galaxy S24 Plus lineup going to be killed this time?

While initial reports say that Samsung could eliminate the S24 Plus, the latest leaks specify a massive upgrade. They could also call it the S24 Pro because it’s an enormous upgrade. The main change is to the screen, which will apparently have a 1440P resolution. There could also be new sensors for the main and the 3X telephoto. So, the S24 Plus will probably not get killed next year.

Galaxy S24 Series Expected Price

The initial pricing of the Galaxy S24 Ultra should be $1199 in the US. The Galaxy S24 is $799 in the US.

The price above is based on speculation and past launches by the company. It may differ from region to region and RAM and storage options. The USA pricing is nearly fixed and is supposed to be the same. So, as a whole, one year remains; take the above information with a pinch of salt.

What are your expectations from the upcoming Galaxy S23 series? What significant features do you expect? Let us know in the comments section below. We will keep updating the article based on the latest developments. So, keep checking for the same. Thank you for reading.

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