May 2024 security patch rolls out for the Galaxy S24 series

Samsung once used to be one of the worst smartphone makers regarding updates, which changed sometime around 2020-21 and later. That is when the company started supporting their phones for longer, with the Samsung Galaxy S21 series and later getting four major OS updates.

The Galaxy S24 series has recently been bumped up to 7 years of OS and security updates.

However, an important factor remains the frequency of security updates, which varies with Samsung’s phone lineups. Budget phones get bimonthly or quarterly security patches, midrange phones get bimonthly or monthly patches, and flagship phones get a new security patch every month.

Keeping up with this regularity of pushing updates for their phones, Samsung has now started the rollout of the May 2024 update, starting with the Galaxy S24 series.

Users of the Galaxy S24 series in the United States have reported that a new update is rolling out for their phones, which brings the May 2024 security patch.

As for the update itself, there seem to be no major improvements or feature additions to the phones’ functionality; it has been pushed only with the usual security fixes.

Furthermore, it seems that Samsung’s speed of rolling out monthly updates has slowed down in recent times, with Samsung’s May patch rollout coming almost a week after Google rolled out the same update for its Pixel phones. Earlier, Samsung used to roll out the new patches to their flagships faster than Google.

A very significant instance of Samsung’s recent situation of delayed updates came earlier this year with the late rollout of the first major update for the Galaxy S24 series, which happened almost a month after the launch of the new flagship lineup.

A major camera improvement update for the Galaxy S24 Ultra is rumored to be rolled out in June 2024. The company is also expected to roll out the May 2024 patch to the Galaxy S22 and S23 series soon.

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