New Samsung AI Mobile Chipset is Coming Soon

Samsung is investing heavily in AI, and their recent S24 series launch was all about AI. Unfortunately, Samsung’s own first-party Gauss AI could not make it on time for the launch of the Galaxy S24 lineup.

As a result, they’ve had to use Google’s Gemini AI. All of the AI features on the S24 lineup that happen offline use the NPUs and AI cores from the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, as well as the Exynos 2400.

These chipsets are excellent at AI tasks, but Samsung still pays Qualcomm royalties. To combat this, Samsung has a collaboration with another popular Semiconductor and Electronic Design Automation company called Synopsys.

Now, Samsung and Synopsys have finally achieved a successful final result in the design process (Production Tapeout) for their upcoming 3nm AI chipset.

It’s a high-performance mobile chip. We presume this is part of the Exynos 2500. Samsung might rebrand the division to “Dream,” as per earlier reports. is the EDA that Samsung might use for this chipset.

It relies on Copilot from Microsoft, which relies on models from Open AI. Indirectly, Samsung is now collaborating with two of the biggest AI brands in the world, Google and Open AI.

According to AnandTech’s reports, future phones that get this chipset will see a 300 MHz boost in performance. The 3nm GAA fabrication could help with stability and thermal management, though we must wait for practical tests to compare it with TSMC’s N3B fabrication. The yield rates are currently unknown and undisclosed.

Kijoon Hong, the vice president of System Large Scale Integration at Samsung Electronics, calls this a “remarkable milestone” to achieve and claims that these are a breakthrough in the Power, Performance, and Area (PPA) for advanced 3nm GAA processing.

Samsung did not disclose the specific node. There’s also an alleged 10% drop in power consumption at the same performance. It’s interesting to look at how this competes with the industry’s best chips in the future.

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