Some Galaxy Phone Users Report Flickering Charging Info on AOD Screen During Charge

Samsung’s One UI is one of the best software experiences on Android, with tons of features and customizations. It also takes the lead regarding software updates, with the Galaxy S24 series getting as much as 7 years of software support and budget and midrange phones getting 4 major OS updates.

One UI is also usually a very stable skin with relatively few bugs. It had issues with animations, but those are now slowly being ironed out. No wonder, then, that the software is a major reason why Samsung has such a loyal following.

However, no software is perfect, and One UI is no exception. It faces a few major issues from time to time. Today’s situation is no different: some Samsung users, especially the S23 series, have reported display flickering issues,

A user on Reddit posted a clip of his Samsung phone (presumably the Galaxy S23, via @theonecid on X/Twitter) facing display flickering issues while charging his phone.

flickering issues

It is seen to occur on the AOD lockscreen, where the screen shows pulsatile brightness changes. It seems to go dim, and then turns brighter, and then goes to dim again. This cycle keeps repeating.

Many other users on Reddit and X/Twitter have reported facing the same issue on their Samsung phones.

A few things to note: the affected users report that this issue only occurs while charging and does not occur when the phone is unplugged. Moreover, it seems more common on phones running One UI 6.1, primarily last year’s Galaxy S23 series.

Hence, there seems to be a high possibility of this issue being a One UI 6.1 software bug with the AOD Auto Brightness algorithm. Still, a much smaller possibility of this being a display quality issue cannot be ruled out.

Samsung has yet to acknowledge this issue, so there is no clarification on possible solutions or fixes. We can only hope the brand responds quickly to the affected users.

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