AOD brightness control in One UI 6.1 coming via Good Lock

With the onset of the One UI 6.1 update on the S23 series, many people reported several missing features in the “Always on Display” menu. The Clock Style and screen orientation settings are missing, and you can no longer change the brightness settings. Many people are disappointed by the missing AOD brightness control on One UI 6.1. It was available on the previous One UI 6.0 version.

Update April 2: Manual AOD Brightness Control is now available via Good Lock. LockStar, a module within Good Lock, received an update to version The new version brings exciting new features for One UI 6.1 users, including the Edit AOD function and AOD manual brightness control. This update requires AOD version or later to function correctly. It won’t be available on the Galaxy S24 series.

Fortunately, a Samsung moderator has now provided an update regarding this, and Samsung will address it with an upcoming update to Good Lock. It’s disappointing that we won’t get the option in the main settings app. However, it’s easy to fix it with Good lock modules. The AOD brightness control feature isn’t gone entirely; it’s just moving to Good Lock.

Via screenshots from CID on X, the Samsung moderator has confirmed that manual brightness control to AOD is moving to Good lock. Along with this, there are several fixes upcoming. There are some issues with the navigation bar on One UI 6.1, and some updates to Good Lock NavStar will solve the problems.

brightness control
Image: S22U (One UI 6) | S23U (One UI 6.1) / Credit: @imAlter_Ego/X

If you want the manual control back, wait for Good Lock version and AOD version The update merges the lock screen clock and the AOD clock. This will simplify the animations and improve the overall connectivity of the software. You’ll have to wait for this update if you want to use your AOD and lock screen as two separate features.

Sources say that this update to Good lock modules will drop next week, bringing all the necessary additional features. Additionally, the Wallpaper AOD update will remain exclusive to the S24 series. The entire S23 lineup will not receive the feature. It requires your display to drop down to 1Hz during AOD. Only the new LTPO technology can do it properly. Since the S23 Ultra and S22 Ultra also have LTPO panels, they could’ve added them to those phones.

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