First OTA update rolls out for Galaxy Fit 3

Samsung has a lesser-known lineup of budget fitness trackers in the Galaxy Fit lineup, which got the new Galaxy Fit 3 a while ago as the successor to 2022’s Galaxy Fit 2.

This new budget fitness tracker from Samsung was affordable, making it an instant hit worldwide. However, the company decided against launching it in the United States due to fear of a lack of demand for fitness trackers in these markets.

As for the tracker itself, it has been reported that the first update for the Galaxy Fit 3 has now started rolling out. The rollout began in South Korea, and the software version of the Fit 3 was changed to R390XXU0AXE1/ R390XXU0AXE1.

Galaxy Fit 3 ota

The update is about 21.04 MB and is expected to bring several changes. According to the changelog shared (via Samsung Community), this new update seems to bring stability improvements to Samsung’s newest wearable, hopefully making the experience better for the users.

However, initial buyers reported a few bugs for the Galaxy Fit 3 since its launch a few months ago, one of the most severe being that the wearable would sometimes count steps improperly.

The step tracking was, therefore, reported to be inconsistent. We do not know if this update has definitively fixed this issue since it is not detailed in the official changelog.

Suppose you are a user of the Galaxy Fit 3 eagerly waiting for the update to improve the stability of the device. In that case, you can scan for the update via the Galaxy Wearable app and install it onto your Fit 3 if available.

If the update is unavailable for you, wait for it to roll out in your region: it is expected to hit devices in global regions within the next few days.

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