Galaxy S25 Ultra to continue using Grade 2 Titanium frame

Having a titanium build is the next big thing for flagships, starting with Apple, and later Xiaomi and Samsung both jumped onto this bandwagon.

However, the grade of titanium varies. While the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max and Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s Titanium Edition all use Grade 5 Titanium, Samsung uses inferior Grade 2 Titanium for the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

The grade number of titanium essentially refers to the strength of commercially pure titanium, meaning that the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Grade 2 Titanium frame is actually inferior and weaker than the Grade 5 Titanium frames seen on the iPhone 15 Pro Max and Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s Titanium Edition.

We were hoping that Samsung would upgrade the grade of titanium for the frame of the Galaxy S25 Ultra to improve its competitiveness. However, as per recently surfaced information, it seems that it is no longer the case.

According to a new leak by a usually reliable source for Samsung leaks, Panda Flash Pro (via @PandaFlashPro on X/Twitter), it has come to light that Samsung might disappointingly plan to reuse Grade 2 Titanium for the frame of next year’s Galaxy S25 Ultra, potentially putting it behind its competitors in terms of durability once again.

Grade 2 Titanium frame

However, as per the source tweet, it seems that there’s a small chance that Samsung is planning to upgrade to Grade 3 Titanium for the Galaxy S25 Ultra, which will be a decent step up from the S24 Ultra.

It is to be noted that while Samsung’s titanium frame might be less scratch-resistant than the iPhone’s titanium frame, the difference wasn’t that huge, as was clear from drop tests performed on the Galaxy S24 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Hence, it is possible that the upgrade to Grade 5 Titanium might increase the component costs drastically, which could lead to higher prices for minimal gains in durability at best. This could be a possible reason for Samsung’s decision to stick to Grade 2 or 3 Titanium.


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