How many software updates will the Galaxy S24 get?

Samsung Electronics has set a benchmark in 2022 by increasing an additional bar of OS and UI updates for its devices. Since then, many other mobile manufacturers have changed their update policy. Yet again, competing with its rival’s policies, the company could change its OS update policy.

Recent leaks have come from Android Headlines, which claims many other detailed leaks for Galaxy S24, along with the exclusive news of 7 Years of updates for Samsung’s Flagship devices. This means flagship devices like Galaxy S23 and Z foldable and the upcoming Galaxy S24 lineup could have 7 years of updates.

However, there is a lack of information regarding the update. The leaks do not confirm whether the 7 years of update they are talking about is only for security updates, or it’s an Android OS or One UI update. Meanwhile, there has been no official confirmation from Samsung regarding such an update for these many years.

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Although, it’s quite presumable from Samsung that they could follow in their rival footsteps. Recently, in October 2023, Google changed its update policy for the latest Pixel 8 and Pixel 8Pro. It supports 7 years of major OS updates; moreover, another rival, Apple, already provides support for 5 years of iOS updates for its devices. Following a similar strategy seems necessary for Samsung to compete with its rivals in the market. As for now, Samsung devices have four years of OS as well as UI updates along with the support of security patches.

A lot of changes have been made by Samsung recently, whether AI technology or design innovation. It would be interesting to see if Samsung could announce such a policy in their Galaxy S24 unpack event on 17th January. Or the company will stick to its old 4-year support! The possibility is immense. They could bend their policy following the new standard for flagship devices only.

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