Galaxy S24 Unpacked 2024 Event: Everything We Know So Far

With increasing competition, many companies plan to launch their phones early this year. Brands like OnePlus are coming out with the OnePlus 12 in the next few months. To compete with the iPhone and take a jab at the sales, Samsung is allegedly launching the S24 series of phones slightly early. We might not have to wait till February for the Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event.

Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event leaked date

According to a leak on Weibo, Samsung might conduct the Galaxy Unpacked event on 18 January 2024. This leak goes hand-in-hand with the fact that Samsung is speeding up manufacturing and production. This means that Samsung’s strategy is to launch products much earlier than before. This also hints at an early Galaxy Z Fold 7 lineup launch. Samsung will allegedly skip the Z Fold 6 name since the Fold 7 is a major upgrade. Samsung’s new Smart Ring might also launch at the January Galaxy Unpacked event.

event leaked date

According to a Korean source, The Galaxy S24 will launch early since they’re increasing production by 10% and accelerating the mass production of components. In-house production plans are being designed to increase sales figures, capitalize on the success of the S23 lineup, and increase their revenue and profits.

Samsung plans to release three models: the S24, the S24 Plus, and the S24 Ultra. Samsung is planning to make 30 Million units of the S24 series. The company will produce around 7.5 Million units for base and Plus models and around 15 Million units for the Ultra. More sales of the Ultra model will increase their profit margins, and they’ll market it heavily. They aim to produce more units than the previous S23 lineup, and the figures will fluctuate depending on market conditions and demand.

Samsung will strategically plan and determine a good release date for these new phones. They don’t want competing products to get the attention and want to win over some iPhone customers.

Samsung usually begins contract deals in December of each year for the S series flagships. However, they’re doing it a month before schedule, in November. Starting production early means they want to ship more devices and release and announce the phones early.

What to expect at the event?

The event for the Galaxy Z Flip 5 was held in Samsung’s Home Country, South Korea. However, the event for the S24 lineup will apparently take place in the usual United States.

The S24 isn’t getting many upgrades- just the new 8 Gen 3 chip. The S24 Plus will apparently move to a QHD+ AMOLED panel with 120Hz, bringing the resolution right up to the level of the Ultra. It’s unclear whether we’ll get any sensor upgrades.

The S24 Ultra will use a more advanced version of the HP2 sensor with better noise control and probably more details. This version of the HP2 is still 200MP, but it’ll take better photos since Samsung is artificially limiting the capabilities of the HP2 on the S23 Ultra.

The S24 Ultra will apparently get a Titanium frame to improve the build quality. The brightness is also getting upgraded to 2500 Nits, up there with the best. Samsung is also planning to change its Zoom solution. The S23 Ultra has a 10X and 3X lens. The S24 Ultra could move to a 3X and 5X lens. However, the 5X lens will apparently use a large 1/2.52″ 50MP sensor behind it to massively improve the image quality. Unfortunately, the 3X sensor might not get any upgrades with this phone.

It’s unclear how much the periscope downgrade in focal length will impact the overall output of images. IN SOME REGIONS, the S24 and S24 Plus will also use the Exynos 2400 SOC. This chip has fabulous AI scores, and Samsung might even market the S24 as an AI phone due to its generative AI capabilities. Lastly, the S24 Ultra is also moving to a fully flat panel to reduce costs and improve durability and practicality.

How to watch the event?

To watch the event, you can follow Samsung’s official YouTube channel. A few days before the event, you will see a timer for the event live stream on the channel. You can also find a live stream on Samsung’s website. These two websites are the easiest and quickest ways to watch the event.


Summing up, we can expect an early launch from Samsung in 2024. In January, we will get the S24 Ultra with some improvements to the cameras, and it’ll feature the 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy SOC. The S23 Plus will be upgraded with a 1440P (2K) AMOLED panel. The base S24 will remain very similar to the S23. We might also see Samsung Smart Rings at the event, and the recent speeding up of manufacturing hints at an earlier launch to take on Apple and Google.

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