Samsung phones could get partial screen share with One UI 7 (Android 15)

One of the major new features of the Android 15 Developer Preview is partial screen recording. Instead of recording the entire screen and manually cropping it later, you can record an app window or a part of the screen instead of the entire screen. We first saw this in Android 14 QPR2, and now it’s going to Android 15.

While the Android 15 Developer Preview brings nothing extraordinary, it starts many future betas. Samsung’s One UI 7 skin, based on Android 15, will also get this feature. Samsung usually adds its sparkle on top of Android so that we can expect other new features.

According to a post from Tarun Vats on X, Samsung will bring Partial Screen Sharing to One UI 7. This will be the first noticeable Android 15 feature on One UI 7. You can share an app window on your phone when screen sharing or recording. You can also choose not to show the status bar or notifications, which removes all distractions from the screen recording.

Partial Screen

This feature is very good for privacy. Editors have to do less work cropping and blurring out sensitive and unnecessary information so that people can be more productive with this as well. This also enables better multitasking. With One UI 7, users can share just one app window and continue doing something else on another.

Since it lets you record a particular area on the screen to share with someone, it can work very well for streamers, mobile gamers, and tutorial videos. The Status bar and notifications will be excluded from the shared display.

We expect the first beta for One UI 7 to be in August. The stable One UI 7 (Android 15) update will take several months after this. We expect a full launch of the flagship models in September 2024. Most models will get it by the end of 2024.

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