Samsung Released Phone App for its Galaxy Book Similar to iPhone Continuity Features

It often happens when you put your phone on charge and are busy working on your laptop, and you miss an important call without knowing it. But iPhone+Macbook users have the advantage of the Apple ecosystem’s Continuity features. We already know that Samsung also provides similar features to the SmartThing Apps, but the integration is less seamless than Apple. Moreover, Galaxy devices compatible with Dex mode also use similar features. But recently, the company released the Samsung Phone app to address its lack of features, i.e., calling on other Galaxy Devices.

Let’s understand it from Apple’s point of view! All the Apple devices under the same wifi network create an environment to seamlessly perform tasks like data sharing between the devices and, most importantly, the call on other devices feature. It directly notifies you when someone calls on your iPhone, and you can answer the call from the Macbook, iPad, Apple Watch, etc. apple devices. This is what Samsung is lacking mostly!

However, the release of the Samsung Phone App can give some features similar to those of Galaxy Users. Finally, the company wants to develop a similar ecosystem to compete with its rivals. Galaxy Books are now in trend because of its seamless integration of hardware and software and, most importantly, its AI inclusion. The latest Galaxy Book 4 lineup announcement claims to be the most intelligent PC lineup to elevate the Galaxy Ecosystem.

Samsung Phone App Details
Credit: Microsoft store

The app is available on the Microsoft Store, and a minimum system requirement is Windows 10 or later version. The app description clearly states that it supports the app on the latest Galaxy Book 4 series or, later, Intel-based PCs. To use the app, you need your phone number and mobile plan from your Galaxy phone to make and receive calls on your PC.

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