Galaxy Book 4 to ship with Samsung Gauss AI

The Galaxy Book 4 is a major upgrade in AI performance from its predecessor. According to a recent leak, the laptop will have a Samsung-made 2880*1800P high-resolution 120Hz panel. It’ll have the latest Intel Core Ultra 7 (155H) processor.

It could ship with up to 32GB of RAM, and the existence of the 64GB RAM variant is currently unknown. The laptop will have up to 1TB SSD, and Samsung is continuing to innovate with hardware engineering- since this laptop also has a dedicated 6GB RTX 4050 GPU. It also supports high-definition audio, according to the leak. However, we don’t yet know the brightness values of this display. The aspect ratio is 16:10, perfect for content consumption and productivity.

However, the headline features are none of these things. According to a Korean blog, Samsung will fundamentally focus on marketing this laptop as an AI tool. The title describes that it’s a direct and strong competitor to Apple’s new M3 MacBooks, which Apple advertised with the slogan “Scary Fast.”

The actual improvements were not that great on Apple’s end. The M3 MacBook Pro only has 8GB RAM, and the M3 Pro MacBook Pro swaps two performance cores for efficiency cores and has slower SSDs, so it’s a bit worse in overall performance. Despite using the TSMC 3nm node, only the M3 max shows a noticeable leap in performance. The M3 Pro and M3 are negligibly more powerful, and the M3 Pro is more of a side grade.

Since Apple’s offerings are somewhat underwhelming, Samsung is trying to cater to the niche of thin-and-light laptops. Samsung has a wonderful ecosystem, too, and many people could make the switch, especially since macOS does not have any AI features.

Intel’s Core Ultra Meteor Lake chips are hyper-efficient as well. We expect these laptops to launch on December 14th, 2023.

Samsung’s Gauss AI has one major headline feature- text-to-image conversion. The Galaxy Book 4 lineup will definitely ship with this feature on board. The report mentions that Samsung will probably market it as an “AI laptop.” The new NPU in the Intel chip is apparently very powerful and can easily render text-to-image conversions.

It can also work for translations in real-time, and Generative AI is built into the OS. This AI works entirely offline with data stored locally on your device, and nothing is uploaded to the cloud, enhancing security. Next year, the S24 lineup will ship with the Samsung Gauss AI.

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