Samsung Introduces Seamless Update: Debuting on Galaxy A55

Google’s shift towards supporting only a seamless update mechanism made Samsung bring the features to Galaxy Devices. The Galaxy A55 device was recently spotted supporting the A/B partition update. This makes Galaxy A55 the first Galaxy device to support Seamless Update. After ignoring it for 8 years, Samsung finally supported seamless updates. Yes, Google introduced the A/B Partition update back in 2016 with Android Nougat.

Galaxy A55 5G was announced recently with One UI 6.1. And the phone is receiving an update already. The recent update was covered by the tipster, Mishaal Rahman. In his tweet, he mentioned the change in the software update screen that Samsung now shows on its A55 5G device. While updating the device recently, it was spotted that device A55 shows the “downloading and installing” options along with the verification steps.

However, the same update was shown for the recently launched Galaxy S24 device. The exclusive screenshot shared by “TheMobileIndian” is attached below-

As per the post shared by TheMobileIndian, upon restarting the device, they did not encounter the regular recovery or installation screen. The installation was happening in the background, and once completed, it required a restart to set everything to go.

The latest developments indicate upcoming Galaxy Devices will also use the seamless update mechanism. It might also come to your mind why flagship devices like S24+ do not have it. Rather, the midrange A55 used such a mechanism. It’s not software to blame; it’s hardware fault. As mentioned in the first line, Samsung has been narrowed down to use this mechanism.

Coming to a little about What A/B partition or Seamless update? The hardware of your device needs to be designed & featured in such a way as to make two partitions of storage, which is called the A/B partition. One remains active (A partition) so that your operating software can run the phone. Meanwhile, the inactive part (B partition) will download and install the updates while keeping your current OS version in the stack. This way, you can roll back to your older update if there is any problem with the new update. Since it requires a different space to install, it will run in the background, and only after installation will it require rebooting the device. Therefore, you can also use the phone at the same time. Isn’t it that seamless!!

Overall, it is wonderful to see Samsung now acknowledge the quicker, seamless update to its device. The only negative point is it requires storage space on your mobile. That’s all for now! See you guys in the next post in SamInsider!

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