Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE Could Debut at a Price of $800

Samsung is targeting various markets by developing more variants of foldable phones to be released in the next launch. Its upcoming foldable 6th gen devices are trending every day with new leaks. Recently, the company has been rumored to launch two additional variants in the foldable genre. Such as Galaxy Z Fold/ Flip FE and Galaxy Z Fold Ultra models. Yet here is another one to add to the recent account. The cheaper Foldable idea buzzing around the internet could debut less than the Flip Price.

Being a high-end device with new technology, Z Fold or Flips are luxury phones. However, the new concept will not limit the phone to wealthy individuals. With the cut in the specification and the launch at an affordable price, it could draw more people to join the foldable market.

The recent leaks shared by SisaJournel-e suggest the rumored Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE could make an entry with a price tag of $800, which is half the price of the previously launched Galaxy Z Fold 5 (256 GB variant), i.e., around $1799. Moreover, the previous Z Flip 5 is around $999, making the cheaper model more affordable than the Flip variant. But of course, with the price cut, you have to drop a few high-end features and specs.

Galaxy Z Fold 5 look
Image Shows Galaxy Z Fold 5

Could the rumors become a reality? This is very much possible! Being a fan edition means there will be less hardware horsepower, just like the fan edition Samsung used to launch, like Galaxy S23 FE. A Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE might have to lose some camera hardware, drop support like S-PEN, and have a weaker chipset. Samsung could choose its foundry Soc-Exynos. Or it could choose the recently announced Qualcomm 8s Gen 3 setup.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE gets trolled on various platforms by elite houses for downgrading the device’s reputation as a luxury phone. However, the strategy behind the new launch might be worth it for the company. With the launch, the company is probably trying to hold the users who want to experience the foldable at a meager cost. Looking at specific market users, this strategy fits accurately.

Who will not want to have a foldable phone at half of the price with the new folding technology? People who get used to it will go for more flagship options. Overall, bringing more people into the foldable markets is worth trying. What are your thoughts on the latest development? Feel free to share them in the comment below. Keep Following Saminsider!

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