Will Samsung Launch Rumored Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra?

The Samsung Z Fold 5 was an incremental update, with a slightly wider screen and a better 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy chip. The Z Flip 5, on the other hand, has a better outer screen with a new chipset and a larger battery. It was a much bigger update than the Z Fold 5.

Until now, the Z Fold lineup hasn’t included subdivisions. Since January 2024, there have been rumors of Samsung launching a cheaper Z Fold 6 “FE” variant. However, there are more conflicting reports that Samsung might not launch a cheaper model but a more expensive one called the Z Fold 6 Ultra.

We’re unsure which one will come true, but the Z Fold 6 FE might have cut-down camera specifications and a weaker Exynos chipset. If they make a more expensive model, it’ll get a larger 200MP primary camera sensor and probably a larger battery. However, an Ultra model will have to justify an extra jump in pricing with hardware that we haven’t seen before.

We already have the OnePlus Open with a larger primary sensor and a 3X periscope camera, Xiaomi’s foldable with four rear cameras, and Huawei & Honor have been making strides in thin, foldable phones.

Short Answer: There are reports that Samsung is planning to launch a higher-end version of their foldable phone called the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra. New rumors suggest it will carry a model number SM-F958N. The Ultra variant might only be released in a limited number of markets, possibly starting with South Korea.

Galaxy Z Flip 5, Z Fold 5
Image Credit: Samsung (Shows Galaxy Z Flip 5, Z Fold 5)

What will the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra have?

According to reports from WinFuture (in German), the Galaxy Fold 6 Ultra will have a new 200MP primary sensor and a new design. There are some rumors that Samsung will fit an S Pen internally without needing a case, but we don’t think these rumors are true since that is not in line with reports that mention a wider form factor for these foldable phones.

The reports that the Z Fold 6 Ultra will increase in width and shrink in height match earlier reports from January. It might move to a design similar to the Google Pixel Fold or the OnePlus  Open.

According to 5K renders from OnLeaks, the device has flat edges and a sharp, boxy overall design. This is very similar to the latest S24 series in terms of design. If it’s shorter and wider and has a boxy frame, this is the first major redesign to the Z Fold lineup in a long time. Reports say the Pixel Fold 2 is still a wider phone overall, but the Z Fold 6 getting wider will definitely mean a more usable outer display.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 render
Galaxy Z Fold 6 leaked render/ SmartPrix

It will continue to use the very durable waterdrop hinge, and the phone will continue to have the IP68 water resistance rating. There are some reports of Samsung adding a new telephoto, but we cannot confirm these rumors. Reports also mention a larger Z Fold 6 Ultra battery and potentially faster charging. Samsung also focuses on making the product much thinner and easier to hold and grip thanks to the flat sides.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra to launch alongside standard Fold 6

Earlier leaks said that Samsung would launch the Z Fold 6, and then a Z Fold 6 FE, as a cheaper model. However, the rumors of an Ultra model contradict this. If the Z Fold 6 Ultra comes out, there will be no Z Fold 6 FE. Samsung will name the successor to the Z Fold 5 as the Z Fold 6, and the Ultra will begin a new line of foldable phones.

The codename for the Ultra model is currently Q6A internally. We’re not yet sure of the differences between models. The Z Fold 6 will continue the same GN3 50MP primary camera with a 1/4″ 3X telephoto. The Ultra could get better cameras and a larger battery to differentiate itself. The price tag rumors are currently very inconsistent, with some mentioning a 2500$ price tag for the Z Fold 6 Ultra, which is highly absurd.

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