Samsung may launch Z Fold FE or Flip FE models soon

Samsung’s FE lineup of smartphones aims to provide features usually reserved for flagships down to the premium midrange tier. For example, the  S21FE has slightly weaker camera hardware and an optical scanner than an ultrasonic one and weaker camera sensors than the Galaxy S22. The performance is also notably worse. However, the experience these two phones will offer is primarily similar.

According to a Tom’s Guide report, Samsung plans to launch more phones in the FE line. It’s interesting since earlier reports said Samsung would kill off the FE line and leave the latest A5X phone as the best premium midrange offering. The move at the time was probably to push for more sales of the flagship S23 series. If the rumors are true, Samsung has backtracked on this decision.

Foldable phones are still a luxury. The slightly cheaper options from Motorola still cost around 700$. The hinge isn’t very sturdy either, and you’re still making severe compromises on thermals. Since Samsung’s Flip starts at 999$, this leaves a wide-open gap in the market for those looking for a cheaper Flip-style foldable phone.

We don’t know what kind of compromises Samsung will make to ensure that the new Flip-style FE stays under 800$. There are assumptions that they’ll use an older hinge and a smaller cover screen with a weaker processor. The foldable market is competitive too. We have the upcoming OnePlus Open and Google’s Pixel Fold.

The Galaxy Z Fold is a very iterative device. It gets the new hinge, folds fully flat, and the new 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy chip. That’s about it, so it’s safe to assume that not many Z Fold 4 users need an upgrade. An FE model for the Fold should undercut the competition and sit somewhere between 900 and 1300$. If it’s more than that, Samsung’s previous year’s foldable will be a better deal if there are too many compromises with the new FE model.

The speaker doesn’t mention an FE line of Flip and Fold phones in the interview. They say Samsung’s priorities now lie in resolving pain points like weight. As technology evolves, foldable components will drop in price. At the time, Samsung will probably lower the cost of the mainstream Fold & Flip or launch a separate line of phones depending on the market demands. Whether or not Samsung will launch an FE lineup for their Fold and Flip line depends on how much people want foldable phones a few years later.

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