Galaxy Z Fold 6 Series Might Get an Ultra Variant Bearing Model Number SM-F958

The Samsung Galaxy Z series has been the pinnacle of Samsung’s innovation in the foldable space. The company has ruled the global sales of foldable phones for a while. Still, this domination is now under threat from competitors such as Google’s Pixel Fold, Vivo’s X Fold 3 Pro, and the OnePlus Open, which generally have better hardware and decent availability outside China.

Hence, to possibly overcome the hardware pressure from these competitors, Samsung is expected to add a new Ultra variant to the Galaxy Z Fold 6 series for the first time.

According to a report by Galaxy Club, Samsung is expected to launch three foldables in the Z series this year.

  • Galaxy Z Flip 6
  • The regular Galaxy Z Fold 6, bearing the model number SM-F956
  • The new Galaxy Z Fold 6 “Ultra,” bearing the model number SM-F958N

However, the name is a speculation derived from Samsung’s model nomenclature, where the last digit “8” usually stands for the Ultra phones (for example, the Galaxy S24 Ultra has the model number SM-S928).

But this good news has a major catch: the letter “N” at the end of the purported Z Fold 6 Ultra’s model number apparently stands for the Korean variant.

This hints at the possibility that the Z Fold 6 Ultra could be disappointingly restricted to the South Korean home market, with no confirmation of any models being developed for other markets as of the time of writing.

In my opinion, this is very perplexing for Samsung. South Korea is one market where the Chinese competition has not launched their foldables yet, so the foldable market already has a Samsung monopoly.

They should be thinking about launching the Z Fold 6 Ultra in India, South-East Asia, UAE, and most importantly, the EU to take the fight to Chinese companies with potentially better & more competitive hardware.

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