Report: Galaxy Z Fold 4 Users Facing Issue While Unfolding

Exclusive update on the Z Fold 4 unfolding issue! The Tom’s Guide recently posted an update on the problem faced by Fold 4 users for the last two years. As per the update, Samsung finally acknowledged the device’s fault. Being a committed smartphone industry player, the company is taking steps to provide a solution. Here is the quote shared in the post on 26th March 2024:

Samsung is committed to providing the best possible mobile experience to customers and conduct a series of rigorous, industry-validated tests designed specifically to simulate real-world conditions. We encourage customers with questions regarding their Samsung device to contact their local Customer Service representative.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 launched with a high hope in the market in August 2022. However, the innovative products soon faced issues that various experts predicted in the initial phases. Users report the problem on multiple platforms, including community forums. Meanwhile, its rival, Motorola, was doing well in unfolding. As per the mechanism, the foldable might have a seamless unfolding experience. However, the Samsung Fold 4 folding technique probably gives up sometimes when it unfolds the screen.

Galaxy Z Fold 4

What prevents Z Fold 4 from opening fully? The basic reason, as discussed in various social media platforms, is that the hinge mechanism gets faulty due to overheating. The Hinge is the major part of the unfolding technique. It comprises a series of protective bristles and sliding metal parts with lubricants. The bristles, in other words, are tiny brushes inside the hinge mechanism that protects from debris and dust. When the device gets heated up for any reason, the brush comes off its position. Eventually, it blocks the hinge, which prevents the screen from unfolding fully.

Compared to Z Fold 4, the later launched Z Fold 5 rollout has superior hinge support and almost zero gap. It’s probably the only major upgrade Z Fold 5 ever gets in 2023. This indicates the company launched the Foldable too early without testing all the aspects. Well, you may not know unless you use it.

Hopefully, the company provide a quick solution to the problem. A lot of tricks and workarounds are found on the internet. But those are temporary solutions. To resolve the issue fully, you might replace the hinge with a new one from an authorized service center. You can also repair it if it is under warranty period. Or you could wait for Next Z Fold 6, which is expected to launch in July 2024 and try the exchange option.

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