Galaxy S25 Ultra’s display to get 3000 nits brightness

Samsung flagships always get some of the best displays on any smartphone, with great brightness numbers and brilliant contrast.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra uses a Dynamic AMOLED panel with up to 2600 nits of peak brightness, which is actually shared with the Galaxy S24 and S24+. Now, as per a new leak, the S25 Ultra might get a brightness boost.

According to a trusted source, kro (via @kro_roe on X/Twitter), it has been stated that the Galaxy S25 Ultra’s display will have as high as 3000 nits of peak brightness.

However, the source does not state if the Galaxy S25 and S25+ will get the brightness upgrade, so we can speculate that this display improvement might remain exclusive to the S25 Ultra. Hence, the S25/S25+ may continue to use the same display panel as the S24/S24+, having 2600 nits of peak brightness.

3000 nits brightness

This brightness boost is important since many of Samsung’s competitors are going ahead in terms of display brightness, particularly the new breed of Chinese flagships, which go to as high as 4500 nits of peak brightness when viewing HDR content. It will also help the company compete better with the iPhone 16’s rumored brightness increase.

However, it is important to note one important fact. These claimed brightness numbers are almost always peak HDR brightness levels, which are measured only by a small point white surface on the display when viewing HDR content. It simply represents the brightness of a concentrated area of pixels on an OLED display while the overall usable brightness remains much lower.

For example, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra claims a peak HDR brightness of 3000 nits (which is higher than Samsung’s 2600 nits on the S24 Ultra), but in terms of manual and auto brightness levels, Xiaomi’s display is much dimmer than Samsung’s.

We hope that the Galaxy S25/S25+ also gets new displays with 3000 nits of peak brightness so that the feature gap between the standard and Ultra models is reduced even further.

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