Galaxy S24 FE Could Get Exynos 2400+ Chipset With Improvements

In March, Galaxy S24 FE’s few specifications surfaced online, with the expectation of getting Exynos 2400. Samsung Foundry Exynos 2400 SoC came out of the box with Galaxy S24 Lineup. Undoubtedly, the company is pushing its foundry chip to fit today’s needs in every possible way.

Recent leaks suggest K Giant is about to bring a new enhanced version of the foundry Chip, namely “Exynos 2400+,” for its next Fan Edition. This exciting news is mentioned by tipster @kro_roe on his Twitter handle.

As per the tweet, Samsung features an improved SoC with tweaks in power efficiency and yield rate. Around 5 to 10% enhancement can be seen in the Exynos 2400+ variant.

The tipster also stated that the new foundry “+” is a symbolic gesture that indicates the enhanced variant compared to the Exynos 2400.

Exynos 2400+ tipped

Definitely, the improvement highlights positive notes. The increase in power efficiency will reduce the power consumption by the AP. Meanwhile, a higher yield rate suggests an increase in production success rate with minimal waste. Which further reduces the overall cost.

Apart from the above, there is no information on the technical aspects of Eynos 2400+, such as clock speeds, CPU, GPU, etc. Overall, a positive impact can be seen in performance, assuming the previous technicalities remain the same.

Exynos 2400 is specially designed to support the on-device AI. Fan Edition is expected to have similar support. We can also expect the FOWLP boost in FE for thermal throttling issues.

So far, we have learned from the leaks that the Galaxy S24 FE bearing model does not have an SM-S721U. It will use a similar AMOLED display of 6.1, like the S24 base variant. Storage Variants of 256GB (UFS 4.0) and 128GB (UFS 3.1).

In the upcoming days, it will be interesting to see if the plus variant of the Eynos 2400 can outperform its predecessor.

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