Galaxy S23, Z Fold 5, and More to Receive S24’s Instant Slow-Mo Feature

The Samsung Galaxy AI suite includes several quality-of-life features like the Photo AI Photo Shift feature, Summarize, live translate for calls and texts, long-press for instant slow motion, and more. Currently, it’s exclusive to the latest Galaxy S24 series. Only the S24 series currently runs One UI 6.1 out of the box.

Recently, they got the major February update to fix several camera issues, and it finally addresses the display problem, where the screens are not vibrant enough on both Natural and Vibrant modes. While the S24 series got the major bug-fix update, the S23 lineup must still get One UI 6.1. Several test builds were spotted for the S23 series, which means the update is imminent.

For the S23 lineup, the update will mostly land sometime in March at the earliest or April if it’s postponed. Samsung has confirmed that many AI features will make it to the entire S23 lineup and the Tab S9 series.

According to a post on Samsung’s community, a moderator has confirmed that Samsung will bring the instant slow-mo feature to the entire S23 series, the Z Fold 5, Z Flip 5, and Galaxy Tab S9 series.

instant slow-mo

The instant slow-mo feature is a very fun perk. With frame interpolation using AI, the feature turns any normal video into a slow-motion video. It artificially adds frames to slow the video down dramatically. Samsung has removed the older 720P 960FPS video capture from the default camera app, and they claim that the new 4K 120FPS+ instant slow-mo is better.

Samsung will also apparently improve this feature later on. They will add 10-bit video support (it currently goes up to 8-bit). In the future, it can upscale 480P videos to higher resolutions. The current upscale cap is 720P to 8K. We will also get support for the MOV file extension, which only works for MP4 files now.

The reason why it’s not coming to even older models is apparently because it needs a powerful GPU and also NPU. This doesn’t make much sense since the Exynos 2200 on the Galaxy S23 FE is the same chipset as the Exynos 2200 on the entire S22 lineup of phones. Theoretically, it should work on the S22 models as well. However, Samsung will need an incentive for people to buy newer phones. This is why they are probably gatekeeping it to the newer models.

The feature apparently has to use a lot of the chipset’s potential. It has to react in 16.6ms to get this feature to work for 60FPS videos. With the new video editor on Samsung phones, you can use instant slow-mo. The S23 series will mostly get it with the One UI 6.1 update. Samsung didn’t confirm whether this is true. However, we can expect most supported devices to get One UI 6.1 before H2 2024.

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