Galaxy S23 Burn-in Issue: Samsung’s Official Response

Samsung recently acknowledged the screen Burn Issue on the Galaxy S23. Tipster @theonecid recently shared a screenshot on X and a reply from Samsung Moderator regarding the burn-in issue. Such a problem is not the first time encountered on Samsung Devices. Earlier, S22 and Z fold/ Flip 4 also reported similar issues, and Samsung has now included burn-in protection in their latest update.

The issue can make your phone screen or display faint or discolored, or you could have a dull effect. Most of the time, this phenomenon occurs in OLED or AMOLED displays. After the One UI 6 Update, most Samsung Users reported the potential burn issue, which explicitly shows a burning effect on the Status and Navigation bars. The reason behind such a problem can be addressed as unintentionally disabling pixel shifting features, introducing static elements in the new UI update, etc.

In reply to the S23 lineup issue, the moderator hinted that the possible solution to the screen burn issue would be addressed during the January Update, i.e., One UI 6.1. The developer is analyzing all the drawbacks in the One UI 6.0 version and preparing for a proper solution. Various issues are considered, and development will be reflected in the One UI 6.1 update.

The other sources confirm that Samsung has constantly monitored One UI 6 complaints to provide a suitable solution. Therefore, January will be a busy month for Samsung as it has many issues to work on, including the pixel shift burn issue. As we know, the unpacked event in January will be releasing Galaxy S24 with One UI 6.1. Therefore, most flagship devices will be listed on the One UI 6.1 update.

It’s good to see Samsung acknowledge the issue and work on a fix. Hopefully, it will resolved in the next UI update. Till then, stay connected with Saminsider for the latest news!

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