T-Mobile customers could get the S24 Ultra for free with trade-in offers

The Galaxy S24 series launched in January 2024 at Galaxy Unpacked. They bring iterative hardware upgrades like more efficient displays for the S24 and S24+ and a new 5X zoom sensor for the S24 Ultra. The phones are focused on software with the One UI experience and Galaxy AI.

Samsung has many deals, freebies, and trade-in offers for early customers. Those who pre-booked the phone got many offers as well. There are also storage upgrades for some reasons. However, the best offer ever is from T-Mobile right now, and it’s far better than any storage upgrade or gift.

According to a leak from The Mobile Report, a possible new carrier deal gives you 1300$ off the price of the S24 Ultra. That effectively means you’re getting the phone for free. Targeted lucky customers can get 1300$ off, per the leaked image. It’s eligible for customers who buy it via EIS or even those who trade another phone.

Since it’s a targeted offer, it’s only for a few customers. Check your mail and messages list to determine whether you’re on the list. If you’re eligible, you’ll get a message from T-Mobile on February 2.

The Mobile Report

Sources say that people using an older Galaxy Note device are the target audience for this. If you’re on the list, you must trade in an older device to get the credit and the effective 1300$ discount. You must also be on the Go5G Plus or the Go5G Next Rate plan.

You’ll receive the 1300$ back eventually, over 24 months of recurring bills. The credits offset any other plan. Leaving T-Mobile will mean you have to pay the entire remaining device cost. While this deal is enticing, no one is sure who is eligible for it and how they’re eligible.

Samsung directly offers around 750$. If you’re not interested in carrier ties, you can pay them later to unlock your model. You also have a choice to buy an unlocked variant directly from Samsung. Assuming this leak is true, some customers will get a message or mail on February 2 about getting an S24 Ultra for effectively zero dollars. You have to pay the carrier charges monthly or yearly.

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