Special “Battery AI” reportedly coming to Galaxy S25 series

Samsung is deep in the planning stage for next year’s Galaxy S25 series, rumored to debut in early 2025.

Reportedly, it has been said that Galaxy AI might be a reason for the increased sales figures of the Galaxy S24 series compared to the S23 series, and the company is apparently planning to bring some quality-of-life AI features to its phones in the future.

Earlier, rumors had emerged that the Galaxy S25 Ultra would carry the same 5000 mAh as its predecessor. While this is an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it approach” to reliable battery life since the S20 Ultra, it has disappointed people hoping for an increase in the battery capacity.

However, it seems that Samsung is aware of this issue and is planning to increase the use of AI features to enhance battery life for its future phones.

According to a reliable source for Samsung leaks (@PandaFlashPro on X/Twitter), the company plans to introduce a new “Battery AI” feature for its future phones.

Battery AI

It is expected to be a new algorithm that works to increase the runtime of future phones by about 5-10% more without affecting the performance.

In fact, the leak does not even explicitly mention that the Battery AI feature will come to the Galaxy S25 series, but this is an obvious speculation since the original source is known for leaking details of the upcoming flagship lineup.

If this algorithm succeeds, Samsung can break the old performance-efficiency paradox: you either hard throttle a chip for excellent battery endurance or let the chip’s performance run loose with no throttling at the cost of efficiency.

Samsung currently takes the former approach, where the chipsets are throttled more than the competition in return for better battery life. Still, it will be interesting to see if this changes with introducing the new Battery AI algorithm.

Introducing this algorithm also gives Samsung’s flagship series a decent chance to compete better with some of its peers regarding battery life, such as the Honor Magic 6 Pro, which has a whopping 5600 mAh battery.

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