Is Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 getting a Titanium frame?

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 is shaping up to be a major upgrade. The Z Fold 5 brought a better hinge design and a new chipset with a slightly better aspect ratio. However, there were no changes to the camera system, and the Z Fold 5 still had a really tall design that was good for one-hand use but hindered the outer screen experience to the point where it’s practically decent only when unfolded.

Samsung is apparently planning two different foldable phones for the Z Fold 6 series. Earlier, there were rumors of a Z Fold 6 Ultra, but new strong rumors point to Samsung launching the Z Fold 6 FE and a standard Z Fold 6 alongside it. However, it remains to be seen where Samsung will cut corners on the Z Fold 6 FE. The rumored price is $800, which would be significantly cheaper than the standard Galaxy Z Fold phones.

However, Revegnus via X now reports that the Z Fold 6 will have a Titanium frame. We saw it first on the Galaxy Watch lineup from Samsung. Eventually, we saw a Titanium frame on the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Z Fold 6 getting a Titanium frame

This will improve the in-hand feel and also reduce the overall weight of the phone. Titanium is also an extremely durable material, so the phone should have better overall shock resistance. The report does not specify which grade of Titanium the frame could use, but we expect the same Grade 2 Titanium frame as the S24 Ultra.

Note that the leaker has mixed accuracy, so take the rumor with a dollop of salt until there are multiple sources reporting the same information. Given the Z Fold 6’s premium price tag, users might expect a more robust build material than aluminum.

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 series and the Flip 6 will launch around July 2024. This is at the second Galaxy Unpacked event of the year. They’ll definitely have the 7-year update promise that was also the case for the S24 series. Samsung will also add the Galaxy AI features that the S24 series has.

As for the chipset, some leaks claim that the Z Flip 6 could use the Exynos 2400 in some regions. In others, it’ll be a Snapdragon-only lineup, with the 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy as the chipset choice. We also expect a better cooling system and a stronger and more durable hinge. Some leaks point to a better, more usable aspect ratio that’s narrower and wider and a larger ~4600mAh battery. We also expect the colors to be dark blue, light pink, and silver.

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