Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE rumored for September or October 2024 launch alongside S24 FE

Rumors Gain Momentum!! Samsung is supposed to be taking its fan edition to the next level. The company keeps moving and maintaining the hype with the latest innovations. Similarly, the latest Foldable Fan Edition leaks are buzzing online. At the same time, the company’s Galaxy AI-based S24 series launch maintains the pace. Notably, the Galaxy S24 series sales report suggests the company is selling 10% higher compared to its previous flagship S23 series. All credit goes to Galaxy AI!

Keeping its pace, Samsung could launch the Fan editions to the market, countering its rivals at the same time. A lot of information has been revealed from the recent leaks. This came out from a very trustworthy source, TheElec.”

The reports claim a lot of new information for the upcoming Fan edition and Z Foldable 6th series. We all know the K Giant is rolling out its Z Fold 6/ Flip 6 series this year. The report shared by “The Elec” reveals that Samsung plans to start mass production for Galaxy Z Foldable 6th gen devices in early May 2024. This means the company is working 2 to 3 weeks ahead of its last year’s schedule of 5th series production. This eventually means the Z Fold 6 & Z Flip 6 normal variant will launch earlier than expected. Again, this could happen if everything goes according to plan.

Tracking back to history, the last foldable 5th series production started production in late May and released the phones in early August. Speculating a similar timeline, since the company will have a lead of 2-3 weeks this year, its normal Foldable variants possibly hit the market in mid-July 2024.

Confirming the rumors to be true. TheElec pointed Samsung to introduce the entry-level mode of Z Fold 6 for the first time. And the Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE will be introduced 2-3 months after the regular 6th Gen foldable variant. This concludes Z Fold 6 FE will probably debut around September or October 2024. The Galaxy S24 FE is also speculated to roll out in the same timeline.

z fold 6 fe launch news

Therefore, Samsung could simultaneously introduce two fan editions to Galaxy World. Looking at another angle, it is similar to the time frame when Apple forecasted the release of its iPhone 16 series. Aligning with the previous leaks, the Z Fold FE sits at the price tag of $800 by downgrading its specs. This will create a conflict of interest in the market, as the iPhone 16 series could sit at the same price tag.

It will be interesting to see to what extent Samsung & Apple could bend their price tag. Meanwhile, You keep following Saminsider for such interesting news!

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