Galaxy S24 Ultra to be the first Samsung phone with a Titanium frame

For a while, there were rumors that Samsung’s ultra flagship next year will use a Titanium frame. Some reports said the entire S24 lineup will use Titanium, but it’s not likely. Only the S24 Ultra model will get the Titanium frame. The current S23 Ultra and many other Samsung flagships use Aluminum for the frame.

According to these new undisclosed internal sources from The Elec, the S24 Ultra is set to be Samsung’s first phone with a Titanium frame. Samsung’s Aluminum frames apparently only cost 20$ and below. Since the yield rate is lower for Titanium and the price is much higher, it might cost up to 5X more than that for Samsung. If they pass it on to the consumers, the prices of the S24 Ultra are set to be sky-high.

The S24 Ultra’s external Titanium frame will also use an inner aluminum frame. This is the same as the iPhone 15 Pro.¬†Whether Samsung will use the Titanium frames on other models in 2025 will also depend on the prices.

Depending on how well the reception of the Titanium frame on the S24 Ultra is from consumers and critics, Samsung will consider using the metal on their other flagship models like the base models or Plus models. According to some reports about the colors of the S24 Ultra, they might call Gray as “Titanium Gray.” This all but confirms that the S24 Ultra will get a Titanium frame.

This year, we saw Apple move to a Titanium frame with the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. However, Titanium is a very strong metal, so it’s possible that the back glass is more susceptible to breaking on the latest Pro iPhones. Samsung will hopefully find a way around this challenge.

Titanium is very difficult to color. It’s not as simple as Stainless Steel or Aluminum since you have to anodize the metal. Anodizing might result in the color looking very plain or washed out. It’s also very easy to smudge with fingerprints, it’s prone to discoloration, and it’s easy to scratch despite better durability in terms of bending.

Samsung allegedly placed an order of Titanium worth 15 Million units. That’s approximately the number of S23 Ultra units that sold. They’re expecting a similar demand for the S24 Ultra.

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