Samsung will bring Galaxy S24’s AI features to the S23 lineup with One UI 6.1

Currently, Galaxy AI features are exclusive to the S24 series. However, this will change soon since they plan to bring some of these features to their older models. Many of these AI features need a powerful chipset, and the 8 Gen 2 For Galaxy is still powerful enough to handle the new Galaxy AI features.

Some other features run via the cloud (and need an internet connection), so these are not hardware-dependent. It makes perfect sense for Samsung to bring over all the online AI features to older models since they do not require the computing power of the new chip.

According to a post from Tarun Vats on X, not all phones with One UI 6.1 will get the Galaxy AI features. Notably, these phones are excluded from the list:

  1. The entire Galaxy S22 series
  2. The entire Galaxy S21 series (Including both the Snapdragon and Exynos versions of the S21 FE)
  3. Galaxy Z Fold 4 & Z Flip 4
  4. Galaxy Z Fold 3 & Z Flip 3
  5. Galaxy A54
  6. Galaxy A34
  7. All other Samsung phones released before Q4 2022

These phones will get the One UI 6.1 update and the improvements that come with it. However, they will not get the Galaxy AI features. Here’s a list of phones that will get Galaxy AI with the One UI 6.1 update:

  1. The entire Galaxy S23 series (Including Galaxy S23 FE)
  2. Galaxy Z Fold 5
  3. Galaxy Z Flip 5

One UI 6.1 will launch before Q2 2024 ends so we can expect One UI 6.1 on these phones before June 2024. A chart from Samsung’s official website elaborates this information further.

ai s23
Credit: X/@tarunvats33

Galaxy AI features like Circle to Search (which is also on Pixels and probably Android in 2025), Live translate for calls and texts, Assistant for Notes & Summarize, and Photo Editing features are all coming soon for the Galaxy S23 series, and the Z Fold 5, and Flip 5. There’s no specific date or timeline for when these features will arrive on these devices.

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